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The Ohio state republican committee bas ...

The Ohio state republican committee bas ... image
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The Ohio state republican committee bas declared for McKinley for president in empbatio terms, and the Iowa repnblioan convention has declared for Allison in eqnally emphatio terms. Eaoh have adopted a platform, or rath: r the Ohio convention adopted a regn: lation platform, while the Iowa oonTention adopted an address to the people excellently worded.designed to show why Allison shonld be the candidate for president. The Ohio platform on the money qnestion is said to have been drafted by McKinley himself. If this is trae, it will harldy commend him to those vcho like their oandidates to squarely expresa their opinions on the issues of the honr. For it seems to be a particularly oleverly -worded stradále. After reading it one can hardly teil whe ther Mr. McKinley is for or againut the free coinage of silver. The platform says: "We cuntend for honest money; for a currency of gold, iilver and paper with which to measnre our exohange, that sball be as aonnd as the govemment and as untamisbed as its honoi"- if the declaration had stopped here the friends of sound cutrency would have found no eanse for complaint, bnt a stop must be thrown to Cerebns, and this is done as follows: - "And to that end we favor bimetalism and demand the use of both gold and silver as standard money, either in aceordance with a ratio to be flxed by an international agreement, if that ean be obtained, or under such restrictions and such provisions to be determined by legislation as will secure the maintenance of the parities of the values of the two metáis, so that the pnrehasing and debt-paying power of the dollar, whether of silver, gold or paper, hall be at all times eqnal. " Is this fcr or against the free coinage of silver ? It is as direct an answer as if one man said to another, ''does eating eheese agree with you?" and was answered, "yes, if it doesn't disagree with me," only the evasión is more concealed in high sounding verbiage. Or to boil down the resolution and put it in plainer terms; it declares for free coinage of both gold and silver providing both ' metáis can be kept by legislation at an equal ratio of that neither will go to a premium or drive the other out of ose. The time for subterfuges on the money question is past. What we want of our oandidates is a clear deflnitiou of their posïtion, and tbis seems to be hard for some of our politicians to give. The gubernatorial raoe is growing still . warmer and "Mayor Pingree is shówing that he is not af raid of introducing attacks oa the principal republioan organ of the state into his pnblio speeches. If ha is nominated for Governor, won't the Detroit Tribune be foroed to eat a big dish of crow. The prospect is almost entertaining enough to nomínate Pingree. If the Argus may be permitted to hazard a predictio i it is that the majority of the delegates from Washtenaw to the repablioan state oonvention will be for Conant for Governor. This would be good politics, from a local point of view at any rate, and the Argus gives the republicans of this county credit for having some good politioians in their raaks. Aocording to some of onr newspapers, the Spanisb are inflicting big defeats upon the Cubans every day, so ihat we begin to wonder that any of them are left alive. According to others of onr big newspapers, tne Cubans are meeting with almosfc uninterrupted success. In all probability both are wrong. Success to the Cuban insurgents and may they drive the banghty Spanish oppressors, led by the cruel Weyler, from Cuba. The annual meeting of the Farmer's Vigilance Assouiation of the townships of Augusta, Ypsilanti, Pittsfield 'nd York, will be heldin the United Work'man's hall, Union block, Ypsilanti, Saturday, March 14th, at one thirty sharp. J. C. Bemiss, P. A. Wilcoks, Seeretary. President


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