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Man Under Thirty-five

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Mrs. Lillian Bell, the authoress, aserts that conversation with a man under 86 ia impossible, becanse the man nnder 85 never converses ; he only talka. And yonr chief aocomplishment of being a good listener is entirely thrown away on him, becanse he does not in the least care whether yon listen or not. Neither is it of any use for yon to show that he has surprised or shocked yon. He cares not for your approval or disapproval. He is ntterly indifferent to yon, uot becanse yon do not please him, bnt becanse he has not seen yon at all. He knows yon are there in that chair. Ho bows to yon in the etreet - oh, yes I He knows your name and where yon live. But yon are onlyan entity to him, not an individual. He cares not for your likes and dislikes, yonr carea or hopes or fears. He only wants yon to be pretty and well dressed. Have a mind if yon will. He will not know it. Have a beart and a soul. They do not concera him. He wants yon to be tai lor made. Ton are a girl to him. That'a all


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