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p R. WILLIAMS, tttirw at La? udPiniieB Claim Attomtr, MILAN, MICH. Conreyancin and Collections. Michigan (Tbnti " The Maatre Falla Route." CENTRAL STANDARD TIME Taking Effect March 1, 1896. GOING EAST. Detroit Night Ex 5 40 a. m. Atlantic Express 7 30 " Grand Rapids Ex.-. 11 05 Mail and Express 3 50 p. m. N. Y. Boston Sp'l 5 00 FastEastern 10 12 GOIfïU WE3T. Gd. Rápida Fa't N'pa'r. . . .2 53 a. m. Boston, N. Y. Ch 7 30 Mail A Express.. 8 38 Nortb Shore Limited 9 25 Fast Western Bx Í 00 p.m. G. R. Kal. Ex 5 55 Chicago Night Ex 10 12 Paciöc Express '--12 15 O. W. EUÖGLJS K. W . H ATES, e. F. T. Asnt Chïweo. At't Aon Arboi CÏ3EX MME. A. RUPPEtT'S f HU FACS BLEACH fjTf& says: "Iapiirwiiit thcfot üCúr'áK that tberftar mmny thouf ÍÜt VlíKl wmdaotladieafntheDnited SMBBaJi 38 StatíT3th.tirculü!iVfft itry -"-J- v.. my Worl(ÍTJÍianowned Fack JJak 4SS. 3 Blkach: kut kT been SSÊt'r TO j kept from loinf f oï oiflB A : covjitof price,TThk-hi6?2.00 Süki perbottlor3botltksn jsSSSx tonetber, Só.0. In oiiler ViVH' a "at all of li y havo KïSl anopportrenlty, I Tffili itIto r?L w' to Overy atlr, ftbaolutely vf free, a sample bottlc, ivn-i World.IwiUBOod Hisafely paeksdin pliüawrapper all charges prepald, ior 25 centa, Ilver or etmp." In everyoaseof frecïslo, praaploe.moth, allownesB,blaoiiheads,acn9,ocïeina,oillneB9,rOTigh- nes3, or arty discoloratïoo or diseae of the ekin, 'ind wriokloa (aot eausod by facial xpreeeion) FACa Blhach removes abBelrrtsly. It does not cover up, as eosmotics do, but i.s a cur. Address maiame a. airrps!KT,(B.e.) No. 6 East i4th St„ NEW YORK CITYfT? , O!iibwitiJi Ess'l Viamosd Brand. # f eyiïeoïaL pslls ■ _SiN. riolnal aad Only line. A -í .'■ija 9AFC, aJwaji reliabla. ladils axt jp t' ÍS CEA lruef;lgt ior ChirhMtar JniriiíA ia-WA MJí5SÍJi,ííü'I In Ksd td fiW Kemnij' -- '"d 1Tilh b1"9 "''' Take Jp J" - W(ttwmrf ímííaíions. At Prnggists, oraena4c. I . Jff in ataBips for particuUri, tretlnrealals ana E "Roilef i.ailliè," m ltr, hr return _ HT Mlül. 10,000 TestimBislB. jVM# Paper. T Ohleh tor ChemlctU Co.,iioH l..n Sq tiu , Sld l aü Looal Uriuiiiswi. f IIb.i


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