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The Gulf Stream

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Bemarking npou some of the geo ;raphical cbarts now available to the tndeut of physical science, ït is pointed out by a writer that elsewbere in the world there ii not so mnjestic a flow of watar as the gulf strearu, a remarkable )oiy haviiig its headqnarters in the ;ulf of Mexico, from thence flowiug lortheasterly along the shores of the Jnited States to the bauks cf Newoundland. Tben, rushing aoross the Atlantic ocean to the Bntish isles, it is liyided into fw.o cnrrents, one flo'wing northward to the Atlantic or.enn, the other Bonthwari to the Aira-es, and the velooity oí thia immenïe flow bwng also more rapid than that f tho Mississippi at Ne-w Orle&m er eTon ei the Ammon at 100 müen aboye it month. Pbenornnal, too, is the fnct tbat, althongh is iad and bank are cold water, yet the rast tiam il Try -warm, and to graat j th absene of aföaity or cozbbiíbling betTToeu thtt waters that tbeir lina f JnnctioB ís éistiBstly Tieibla to tk aya. ïrtear, h water Í this woadarf-al ftraftxa do et ia any part of tfaeii oonrïs eooh tha battem of tha e. Tboy ara defandad at tke botton and sidas by what kai basa baratad a trongh of cola watar. f tka kaart BOBCondnotor. Ccnawquantly Tary Mttla kaat il leat, asd tha warm water il aarricd thonlandi of miles, kiariag anly fomr degrrees of hsat on tha jovrnay from tha galf of tfaxieo te tke Britiih iilas.


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