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Á GRAND TRIÜM Baffied Many Times but Suceess üoaies at Last. 'JProm the Grand Itapids Press.) The following incident wou!d be to believe if it had not occurred rig in Grand Rápida, and investigati?n representative has placed it beyond íha reach of doubt. These are the facto m detail : Mr. J. II.. White of No. 25 Haiflev Place, has been an instructor in penróaïïship in different business colleges for ti mj past fourteen years. He says : "iiást ctober I was suddenly taken"ill. I èonsultcd a physician, who said the pain wa from 'gravel' stones ; gradually grev worse ; the pain was in my back and sido My back swelled up in a great rilge nn-j I flnally grew so bad that I was taken te bed, as helpless as a child. I passet! blood, and when the pain was at its wov ■■; I was like one crazy. The doctor injectefj morphine to give me relief, but further than that he said he was powerless, and nothing would do me any good but a surgical operation. I believe my flesh was literally cooked in the attempts to relieve my agony, everything was used, mustard piasters, turpentine, hot cloths and all such things. I was in this condition, given up by the doctor, and almost out of my mind with suffering. I commenced takinoDoan'sKidney Pilis, and really I feit easier. in 20 minutes. After about two hours I had a passage of urine, and passed blood and some ' gravel' stones which greatly relieved me. I rapidly improved. I took in all six boxes, and I feelto-day entirely well. Mine has been a wonderful cas I feel that I cannot say anything stroi enough for Doan's Kidney Pilis. Mf great wish is that they may become weïl known. They will prove a boon to mankind. For sale by all dealers, price 50 cents. Mailed by Foster-Milburn Co., Buffal N. Y., sole agents for theü. 8. Remei oer the name, Boan's, and take no other. ■ EISEWBARTH ' LIVER PILLS Will stimulate a sluggish system into healthy aciion. MAJÍN'S DRUG STORE, 39 S. Main Street. jüE White Tokay The Best for aM Purposes, MANN BROS., lragsists, 3e S. Main St. - A-NN ARBOR TO FARMERS: The Ann Ar'bor Milling Co.. has just finished building one of the most complete feed miUs in Michigan and will now be ready for custom work of all kinds, including the grinding of eorn nthe ear. nn akbok Milling Co. )m A. MAG L&CHLAN, M. D. Dtaeases of the EYJE, EAR, Nur-B aud ÏHKOAT Office, cor. of Main and Washington Streets. Kesjdence, 14 S. State Street. Residence telephone, No. 128 Office telephone No. 134. Hours: 1O a. m. to;i2 and 1 to 5 p. rr. UIÜII k SÜAIÍi'S MEE ÜHOClufï ANT FLNS Ai F EES ST, SREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, && TSox Wholeo&l or Ktall Traía. Wc tluU al keep e upjf Iy ' GOLD DUBT FLOUB. J. at. Swifft Se Oe.' Bt '?nüt Wis; Fleur, Ky Blcnr. Bokwkt Xlowr, Con lEsai, JTwd, e., &., , At WhoJesale and Ketil. A treerxi atotk oí constanüy m haai, wfeicfe will be ! rats onakle ters ts at a=y ttcr kiue ia tk city. SSIT-Cask piui íor attr, Sjfg, má Castr Produce g-enerídlr. T-Gooái DeüT=ccd t r xrt f tk; city wit! fjtchirirs. Riassy fi Se bït 2 Popular Eíkí FOR THE HOHL FRANK LESLIE'S POPULAR MONTHLY { Contalns each Month : Original Water Color FrontUpiece ; 128 Quarto Pages of Readlng Matter; 100 New and Hlgh-clagg Illustra' tions; More Literary Matter and (Ilustrations tban any other Magazine in America. 25 ets. ; $3 a Year. , Frank leslie's Pleasant Hours FOR BOYS AND CIRLS. 1 A Brlght, Wholesonie, Juvenlle Monthly. Fully illustrated. The best writers for young people contributa to it. 10 ets. ; $1 a year. , SEHD ALL SUBSCRUTIOHS TO I i ij Ann Arüor Argus j Undoübtedly the Best Club Offers OT Smd to Frank LtslU't PublUKino Bom, N.T., for Neu m-ustrateii Premium LUt.IYtt.


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