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Always Room For "isers."

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"The kind of mon I want tohire," said a newapaper pnblisher the other day while talking to a friend, "are seldom to be bad. No matter ■what their lines of business 'isers' (a word that rhymes -with acissora) are never out of ■work and alwaya 'gefc good money. I ■want some isers. " "Isers?" eiclaimed hi compánion. ''What on earth are isers?" "To siplain what they ar, " replied tbe publiier, "lat roe teil yon a Btory of a 'ff stat d. ' Oüc man -vriïbed to èmploy for bi olrcni sn crobai nho coaM thrcKW tripls lomwBaclt. So h put a 'wat ad. ' in tbo pper. Ia roply to tii adrartiiMmacii hs recelvsd 50 letter ïagiir ■wibh fri&sS b reed thoai JTr. Soib of tb letteri he put ia a pji hy tbasJTe. Tbey tf wo tk oaea fcfeai sad ioiathiBg likt tbú i "Dbab Si- Tm adTsrtisr few ito Trii caá tíi-sw k triéis icaartault. I osci t títrow tï-ij-l enrkito tad ttUak tfca ítr a UtU praotóo Í Mfci 4 it ai. ld UI a MaI. '"2U ! lettes -wr j im fcwi..■pil. a4 r csatèS2 lik t3a4s; "DBA. m-I a t 04 aor%; Vnt, VW3 I orar )■ 9trnn rí jije s2njLtai. j ti ííuí TYitt VUWt pr-tirMfttf tOTiM fljJÉ I'áWkat hars ■ faÊi. " 'W.ll,' mH Uw tFtw Man, wsle shook bui fce M41y, 'isber tn ÍK) tat texa frow S acreiMta, Tweaty-iSv ef tbcaj u-a "hu fcwK3, " Jí r.r "gsásg to bes," bat tbisr iii't nu "ier" in tb whoJ Lat.' Sfow, I waot 'iaarf.' and ■ doaa tw Olter bossusaa ma. kut thr ara all aijloyed. ' '


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