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NO. 4 W. WASHINGTON ST. iioUSB, SlGB, OpAMEHM, AND FRESCO PaIHTER, trilding, ealcimining, glazing and paper hang Ing. All work is done in the best style and warranted to give satlsfaotion. Mortgage Sale. VI' HERBAS BEFAULT HAS BEEN MADE '" iu the payment oí the money secured by & mortgage date d the 20th d.y oï September, in the year A. D, 1KS6, executtd by Michoel Stefl'anoski and Caroline Steffanoski, his wife, of Bridgewater, Washtenaw Oountx, Michigan, to Christian Saley, of liridgewater, Washtenaw County, Michigan, which said mon gage was recorded in tlie office of the Regiiierof Deedsof the Couny of Wasbte. naw, in Lifoer 6?, of Mort ages, on page 1 11, on the 28tU day of September, in the year A. D 1886, at B 30 o'cIock A. M And whereas, the said Mortgage has been duly assigned by tbesaio Christian Saley to Albert Brunski by assignment bearfng date the üóih day of July. in the year 18H2 and remorded in the office of the Kegtstcr of Deeds of the eaid County of WashtonHW, on the MthMay of Novjmbet in the year 1808, at 1.80 o'clock P. M. in Liber 11 .of assignments of Mortages on page 379, aad the same is now owned by him. And whereas, the amouut elaimod to be duo on said Mortgage at tbo date of this notiee is the sum of two hundred seventytwo dollars and fifty-elKht cents of principa] and lnt rest, and which is the whole atuoutit claimed to be unpaid on said mortgage and uo snit or proceeding baying.been lnstltuted at law to recover the debt now remaining secureil by said Mortgago or any part thereor, wheröbv the power of sale contalned ín said Mortgagg has become operative. Now, Therefore, notiee is hereby given, that by virtue of the said power of saie, and in pursuaneeof the statute iu such caso made and provided, the said Mortgage will t foruclosed by a sale of the prernfces therein de(cribed. ai public auction, to the hihest bidder, at the south front door of the court house in the City of Ann Arbor, In said County of Washtenaw [that being tke place where the Circuit Court forthe County of Washienaw ia held], on Friday, the Itfth day of March 1896, at teno'clock iu tbe foreaoon of that day; Which said premiáis are described in said MorUageas follow, to wit: All that pieoe ro parcel of l:nd being on section number [20 J twenty in the ïownship of Bridgewator, in the County of Washtenaw and State , of Michigan, bounded as follows, to wit: Ou the nortn by the Bridgewater mili pond and on the east by lands owned by Stabler, and on the south and west by the highway, the same eontuiníng eight acres ol land, be the same more or iess. Dated December llth., 18HÖ. ALBERT BRTJNSKL Absignee of Mortgage. G, R GILLESPIE, Attorner lor Assignee of Mortgagee. Notice to Creditors. STATE OF MICHIGAN, COUÑTY OF Washtenaw, as. Notice ishcreby t;iven,that bv an order of the Probate Court for the County of Washtenaw, raade on the 30!h day of January, A.. D. 1S96. ix mouths trom that werc allowed forcretïitors to preseut theirclaimBagainvt the estáte of charles Walter Rcade, late of s:ud county, deceased, and that all creditora of said deceasod are required to present their claims tonaid Probate Court, at the Probate Office ín the ity of Aon Arbor, for examiaation and allowance, on or tofore the 30th day of July next, aad tbat ucU claims will be h'-aid kefore said Court on th sOth day of April asd on the 3tth day of July neit, al ten o'oleck in the foreaoon of each of said days. Dated, Aam Arbor, Jmmary JOth. A. D. 189. J. WILLAKD BABU1TT, Juatrc oí Prbat. ' Estáte of Honor Burns. STATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY of Wshtenw, 88. At a essiom of tlia Probat Court for th County of Wathivatvw, b.iae ut th i'roijai oÊLc i u te Uity of Aun Arbwr, on Uonday, i airA üay of Fchrmar, iu th ycaroaa (houaafté cijbt hundid and Jaety-iix. trett, J. TTülar Babbitt, J uitga ol JPte bat. fm th nitür tí tk MtaW of Icmt'i Banu, 4ceaakd, Ou radi( and IUn( th petitUn, iuly rtrilied, of Anaita! Wade, prajies that th adtniristjauo f Mid stat may bc graated t Julio Finigaa, or tornt otber luiisbie prsuu. Tktreupua it i ufdered lht Homi; , th 2SrdiiT of March nxt, at 10 'lock in tbe for qouh, be aHinwU for theeariug of taid petuioa, aud that the hei r at law f latti deeei'.d, a&d all othur parüoDs iaterested. in 8&;d estatte, are required to appear at a icttion of jiu court, thon tq b holdeu at tbe probate office, in ih4 0itrul nn Arbor, and how cause, ifnj tk ra be.whj the prajer of the petiiiouei should notbegraotei. Aml it is fai tber ordered, thAt wai.i petitioner give notice to the preon intt-rested iu aid estatu, of the pendeucv of taid petition, and the ht-arin thert-of by cauaing a copy of thia order to b pubÜMhed in the aqu Arbor Argus, a'newvpaper priuted andoirculaid in iaid county, tbree ucees. ir wek prtTiom told day uf heariug. J. WILLXttD BABRXLT, Judïo ol Probat. (A lrucy.) William tt . boTT, f rebate RefisUr. Ett of Cyru Raymond. V.TATH OF 1ÍICHIGAN, COÜNTT OF O Waiktennw, , Ata ti-gsion of tl e Probute Covrt for the Couiity of Wasutena,holien at the Probat Ottlce in ihe City of Aun Arbor, on Wedneêday, the 56th day ot Februari, ín the yar 'thcuaand eitrht hundrrd and üiuaty-six Presemt, J.Willard flabbitt, Jndjte ol Probat. In the matter of tkeestatíof Cyrui Kaymoud, Í- ceased. On radiog ar.4 tlinf th ptition duly.Terified of Mono L. Raynioni, prayiïgr tthat a cerlaiu luiuumsm now od 'il ia thia court, purporting to b tkw last will and testament of aaid deceaaed . may b admittoa lo prnb it, and that tration ot said tai may bo gr-inted to himseL, tk execu tor ia ülá will naaid, or to some otUor uitaMe praoa. Tbrupon It U orlrd, that Monlay, tkc ïlri day of March nezt at 10 o'clock in the forevoob, b aaalgned for th hearing of aaid petition, and tkat th deriseea, legatces and heira-atlaw of said deceastd and all other persnuc interito') in aaid stat, ar rtquirttd to appear at a ion of said eourt, then to be holden at the Probate Ofllco in th oity of Aun Arbuc, and show canse, if any there be, why the prayer of the petitioner ithould not be granted. And it is further ordered that said petitiooer gire notiee to the persons iaterested in said estáte of tbe pendencj ot said petition and the hearing tbereof, by causing a copy of thiB order to be publúhed In the Ann Abbos Ancua, a newspaper printed and circulated in said county, three sucoesüive weekf provious to said day of hearing. J. WILLAKD BABBITT, (Xtruecopy) Judge of Probate. William G. Uoty. Probate Register Notice to Creditors. STATE ÜF MICHIGAN, COUNTY of Waahtenaw, s. Notice is hereby given, that by an order of the Probato Court for the County of Waihtenaw, raade on tht aöth day of February, A. D. 18K6, six montha from that date wer allowed lor creditor to present their claim agaiDSt th estat of William H. Taylor, late of aaid couaty. daceased, aud that all sreditora rf ai deeae'dar lequlred to prasent their olaims to aid Probate Court, at the Probate Ottcu ia the city of Aan Arbor, forexamination and ftllowancK on or befor the 26th day of August next, and Ihttauck claims will be heaid betore gaid Couri n tk 35th day of May, and on the ath day of August aast, at tn o'olock in the toaeauoa of ao ot saU dy. . Dt4 Aïb Arbor, b'b. , A.. O. 189S. J.WILtABD IÍABH1TT, luda f Prbi


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