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REAL ESTÁTE FOR SALE. CTATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY OF Wusmt'naw, ss. ín thiunattei-of tlie estáte of James Saae deceased. Notice ishoreby given that ia pursuauee of. in order granted to the undersigned admmistrator of said deoeased, by íhe Hon Judge of Probate for the County of Washtenaw, ont lio third day day of Kobruary A D 1896, there wiU be sold at public v nd'ue' to' the highest bidder, at the late residenco of üeoea.ed ín the Township of Lodi, in the Countv of Waehtenaw, tn said State on Tuesdav ího 2íth day of March A. D 1890 at 10 o dock in the furenoon of that day (subieot to all encuuibranees by mortgajre or otherwlse eiluting at the time of the deatb of said deeeaéed) tho following described Keul Eslate, to-wlt: ïhe east one half (H) of the north-east onequarter rli) on seclion nineteen (19); and also the north-west one-quarter tn) of soction twenty (.20); and also the north-east one-quarter (I4) of the sotith-west one quarter (Wof BectioQ twenty (20); and also the north tlíreer fourths (ií) of tlie Qurth-west one-quarter tif) ofthe south-west one-q artor (üiof seciíoa twenty (2(1): and also two aerea oír f rom the west sido of the west one-half('á)of the northeast une quarter (!.4) of section tweDty (20) township tkree (8) soutii range live (5) east. belug in the ïownahip of Lodi, Washtt-nav County, State o f Mioblgan; and also tho soutli east one-quarter (4) o' the north-west one-quarter {V,) of tlie n'.rth-wes1 one-quarler (!4) and the north on. -half () of 'he' southeast one-quarter (M) of the iio.tb-wost onoCfuarter (41 and six acres lacking eight uure. rodsoiu of an.t fromthe north-east rnruorof the south-west oue'quarter ()) of the west one cimuror (V,) b. hiï twenty-eijrht (28) roda nortli and souih uud twenty tour lÜÜ roda east and west all tn section twenty-ntná (29) township three (3) Bouth range four (ú east, beiiií in tho Township of Freedom, County 61' Washtenaw, Stftte of Miehigau. Daied Feb. 3rd, 1896. MICHAEL SAGE. Administra tor. Estáte of Julia Tuite. STATE ÜF MICHIGAN, COUNTY of Washtenaw. sa. At asesmon ot the Probate Court lor tlie county of Wahlenaw, lioldca at the l'rotmte Office íd the city of Aun Arbor. on Tbursday, the 13th duy of February, 10 the year one tbounand eight huudred anu ninetj-six Kresent, J. Willard Babbitt, Judge of t'róbate. In tho matter .of the estáte of Julia Tuite deceaaed. On reading- aud flling the petilion. duly verlflid of Catnarine Tulle, praying that a cmatn Dstrumei't now on file in this court, purportii to be the last will and testament of sala diceasei miy be udmitted to probte and that admini.sirtion of sfiid estáte may be granteo 10 Patrick Fitz simons the èxeculor, iu said will nanied ur to soma other auitable erson. Thereupon it is onlered, that Monday, tbe 30th day of March next, at tan o'clook in the forennon, be Migned for the hearing of said petition, snd that the devise legtees, and heirs at law of amd deoeased and uU otñei persone intercalad iu aii eatate. arerequíred to appear at 11 sssiou if uaid Court, th-ju tobe holden at tbe Probate Office, in th ouy of Aun Arbor, and show caue, if any there be, why theprayer oí tbe pít;tiouer shouíd oot be ranted: And it is furthor ordcred, thatssid petiliouergive notice to th persone interented in aíd ette of the pendencyoísaid petition, tud th liearinj thereof, QTcausint acopyof tiria order to be published ia tke Ank Arbob Argos, a nwspper pnnted and clrcultted in asid Coality, thre jacceeslv woeka prerious to said dy of hiri, J. WitLARD BABBITT, I A true coy] Judífe f Probatf . WM.L1A.M G. Dott, Probuto Bet lluít. Notice to Creditors. UTATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTr kj of Wsktew, as. Notica is kreby gíve, ínat by an order of the Probáis Court for tha Oosmty ef Whteniw, made on tho thixd. áy of Ftibruary, X. V 190, ix momha from thut ái wsre illoweá for ereditors to yrant theU elisQiaist the estáte ofCutkeriue Hauastcrlep, Uis r-fid ODKty,4cesad. ml Uiat sil urpditocs sf isid tlssessvd srs required to yrsatattkeirclaiiBa ki ni Frobsts üouft, st tke Piobste Uflcs in tb tj oí Aau Arbor, ior fxsMÍuskioo aad allowsooe, tía kstors '.h tkiré ij at A(uat next, sis1 tst sues Uiun will khssrdksfrs isld Cour n the fourtk dj f Hay tai n tk thir éxr of Autuat soit a.t isa 'oloak ie tbs forsBOon oftses ofssiddsya. Dstíi, tu Arbor. Fi liruary 3', A. 1 ). 1IÍ6. J. W1LLAKU IIABBI'IT, Juttj.el Pr.kaMortgage Sal WHKKEAS, DUFAÜLT HAS BKSIf MAT)B in the payment of thömoney 6eeured hf a montage uatod the 31st day of Mrc, iu the year A. Ü. 1881, eieOuted by Michuol titeffaa owski, ot the township of Bridcewateí, Washteuaw County, Mieblifaa, to Alón o ClarV of Clinton, Lonawec Couzity, Uii'hivan. whioh said uaortKuge was recordad Iu the offloo of Reginter of De ds of the Couuty of WaHhtonMW, in Líber 53, of mortgagca, on page 71J, on tbe 4lh day of April, iu the ear A. L). 1-81. at 7: 15 p m. And, whereas, tho uaid aiortAo has been duly asg'gned j the eald Alour Clark to James Hotau, by saiKQtaent beavintcdate the 27th dny ol April, lo tho ycar 1892, and recorded in the office of tbe regí r of deedsof th eaid Couut of Wathtenaw.n thoauh day of Aprii, In H19 year 1H9Ï at L o'olock a. m. on Liber 11 of aisigament) of morigages on page 178 and aaid mortg-age haring been again duly astig-ued by tbe said James Hogua to Albert liruuski, by astiyam'eut bcaring date the llth dny of May, Ín tb year 181K and recorded In the office of regiiter of deeds of the said Oountjr of Washtenaw, oa the I8th day of üoreniber in the yar l.suj at l:Hu o'clock p. ■ , in Liber 11 of asairnmeuu of mortfaxe ou pij; 27B and the unís Ís noir owned by din, tke said Albert Bruaaki. And wbereas, the amouut clamiod to be due oa said moriKagre atthe date of this Botica U the sum of Two Hundred Korty-Sii dollars and i Nineiy-onecenUof principal ana interest; and 1 wbiok is the whole ttnioiint claimed to be unpald on said mortgraa, anü no suit or proceedIngs haring been institutod at law to recorer the debt dow remaitiinK Hecured by aid uiortgageor any part t'jureof whereby tke power of sale contalned in said mortgaro has becm operatiTe. Now, therefore, noHce is hcreby giren, that by Tinue ofthe gaid power of sale, and in pursuance of the atatute in suüh case ciado and proTided. the said mortgatre will be foreelosed by a sale of the pieoiises therein described, at Public Auction, to the blghsst bidder, at the South front door of the Court house In the City of Ann Arbor. in said County of vvashtenaw, (that being the place where the Circuit Court for the County of Washtenaw is ht-ldi on Friday the llith day of Marc-h. 1896, at eleven o'clock in the forouoon: Which said premises are describid in said mortirairu as follows, towit:' AU that pieceor parcel of land sitúate or bultig in the township of Bridirewater, Couniy of Wasntenaw and 8tato (f Michigan known and describod as follows towit: Commencing in the middle of the highway in thequartor sontion line in section number (20) twenty in township numberfonr south, ol' range four east, twei.ty-twoi23 chains and twentv-two (22) links south from tho quarter post on north line of said section number (20) twenty, .tbence south alongr said quarter section line sixteen rods andsix links to a stake, theuce nortn-easterly twenty-thre roda and four and one-half links to a stake henee nortb to center of mili road sixteen rods and sijc links, henee south-westerly along the center of mili road to tbe place of bezinning containing threu (3) acrei of land, be the same more sr les, Uated December, Hik, 1895. AUU1UT BMUJfiKI 6. R. tiuMFU, Asalynee. AtcrBy for ASHig. AA wsOTteM gvarftstVv . BBhé ftfl


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