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Editor Argus: Allow me to niake a statemeut in your paper of a new scheme that a certain road district of Ann Arbor township has got for workiug out its road tas. Inthe year 1893 the above road district did not work a siugle day of its assessed road tax, neither did its citizeus pay a single dollar, for the highway commissioner did not report as the law reqaires him to do. ín the year 1895 a membbr of the above road district made a motion at the annual towüship meeting to raise by tax fifty dollars to grade down hill in said distriot, which was carried. I am also informed that at this coming spring election they are to ask for another fifty dollars donation. It is also reported that they did not work ont their road tax ín full in 1895. I most sinoerely object to any sach kind of procedure and think the road law should be so amended that no distriot should receive a dollar from the commissioner's ftind until the previons road tax is fnlly worked out or commuted. It is deoidedly wrong and unfair to tbose who work out their road tax in full to be assessed to pay for these delinquents and go-as-you-please fellows. Respectfully,


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