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A hall lamp, left lighted for the lodgej meinber of W. H. Lehr's family at Manchester, exploded the other jnight and dirt $30worth of darnage. The deinand for honses at Manchester is greater than tha supply. The Standard Oil Co. talks of ereoting tanks at Manchester and ruaking it a distributing point. B. Stockdale, a foriner Pinckney boy, bnt now of Honolulú, Sandwich Islands, 3ias just been appointed to the office of chief clerk in the fin anee departmeut of ■the republic of Hawaii. Dexter talks of wielding a Pingree cldb. It will be no stick of a club ither. It is Hkely that a receiver will be apjjointed for the Dnndee canning factory and an effort made to wind up its affairs. The new engine at the Chelsea eleo■tric light works was set to work last week and works as smoothly as a gubernafcorial candidate's tongue. airs. Mary W. DeDiemar, an old resident of Chelsea, died the lOth inst., aged 82 years. The Chelsea Standard started on ifs eighth year with its last issue. Dnndee had a grand ball St. Pat:ick's Day night. Roy Marshall, a telegraph student at iDnndee, moukeyed with a moving train sand had his right arm broken in two ;places. It is likely that the wooden awnings at Ypslianti will go. One meichaat hs 8 ordered a regulation awning and wi 1 ear down the wooden stiucture iu ront of bis place of business. Other "ïnerchants are rxpected to follow snit. Marshal Pierce, of Chelsea, received -Snforoiation one night tb at a number of sky-larking boys had two dummies ïady and were going to hang two of 'the good souls of the village in efflgy. The marshal nipped the scheme in the ud. Milan is to have a new clothing store. Mrs. Henry Warren, of Dexter, has a eopy of the Ulster county (N. Y. ) Ga-zette, Vol. 2, No. 88, published at Kingston, and bearing date of Jan. 4, 1800. The paper oontains an acconnt -of the deatb and burial of George WashSntgon. Miss Fitchell, a teaoher in the Dexifter schools, was ill at her home in this city all la?t week. Rev.Blomfield will deliver the facoalanreate address before the senior olass ■at Bexter in June. Seio people are great readers. They ïhave 800 volumes in their township library. "The Pingree March" bas struck tester and '"Rastus on Paradi)" lias been snpplemented by it in popular rfavor. Dexter will worry along with two less saloons next year. V. D. HindelaDg, of Lyndon, ia ■takiDg a three months' trip tbrough California, Texas, Mexico and tbe Sandwich Islands. The village ticket elected at Derter -was pledged for electric light and other village irnprovements. By the death of "Bill" Nye Ameritoa faas lost one of its most famons anirth-prodacers, but we shonld feel -íhaukful that we still have Jas. W. 3Liley, the poet, Editora Stearns, of .Adrián, and Neal, of Northville. - Wayne Review: What's the matter -vritü Smith, of the Monroe Demoora, and Pond, of the Courier? E. P. Hoyt, postal clerk on the Jaok;son branoh, had the mail agent's favite dog "Owney" on his car when he jaesed through here last Friday from Adrián to Jackson. The dog has trayled all over the Uuited States and it is said has been around he world. He tteavels wherever he wishes as eyery olerk is glad of an opportunity to entertain him. - Manchester Enterprise. An exchange tells us that an old ouflfiom in Antrsia has been for the school ohildren to kiss their teacher on coming uand going. The imperial board of educatiou has just issued an order forfcidding the practice, on the groiind of na decisión of the sanitary couucil that J.iissiag is dangerous to health, and tiherefore not to be permitted exoept -vpfaen ahsolutely uecessary. How fortanate that it does not apply to this country, and that it does not extend satside the school circle. Saline thinks it is tough enough to have a law and order league.


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