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By a law of uatore, au object tbat iors not sobtend an angle to the r.rgau of visión, greater than two seoonds of a degree, is invisible. Now, a degree of a circle coutains 3600 seconds, or 1800 twoseeond degree, spaces, whiob, j mnltiplied by 3G0, the number of degrees in a circle, produces 648,000 j second degree spaces ín a circli. Supposiug eacb space to be a foot of course the ciron ference of the circle would )e 648,000 feet,and its radius would be bout 103,100 feet, or a little more iau 19% miles; therefore, a circvüar ody, a little more tbau oue foot in iameter, oan be seen, by a normal eye, nd through aa atmosphere free frona apor or extaalton, the distfnce men ioued above. Ou the above basis, the uu would become ioivsible at the disanoe of about niuety-two aud oneentbs billions of miles; and the tnoon t eleven aud a halt' millions miles; nd Herscbel nearly one huudred and ighty-five millions miles ;and all othr leavenly bodies in proportion to their everal distanues. The adage tbat the "YouDg may die, nd the old must die," received an aditional verifioation inthedeath of Hermon Williaüis, of Webster, aged 79 ears; and that of the iufant daughter f Mr. and Mrs. Jay Warren, 16 njonrhs ld, their homes being less t.hau two miles apart, and they passed away within three hours of eaoh other. The eaths occurred on the 13th iust.


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