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Smith Is Criticised

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Washington, March 19. - During the onaideratioii in the senatu Tues.lay of a iwsolution toopen the Uncompangre reseryation in Utah Secretary Hoko Smich was seversly criticised by Sanators Oannon of Utah and Waleott jf Colorado, nd Vost of Missouri, and the last named ald fihuro had bean a tima when a oabinet offier who deliberately disobeyed the law would ba brougkt befoco the bar of the sonate, but that it wa3 now quite oranion for suoh oiBcers to rofuse to tarry out the law. Veat said tho opening up of the asphalt región in this raserratiou wauld result in greatly chaapanlng the produGfe Had Become Keprehensible Test deolared that thia coure of nulllfying laws hnd grown to saeh an oxtuut that it had booorae reprehensible. Raferring to the proposed action of Seeretary Morton in complying with tha seed re3olution, Vobc said it would not bo oarried out ga as to secure an efficiënt distribu tion of seeds but that the soaretary would act in such a way as to placa upon congia8s the appearanoe of wasting the appropriation As to the Uncompahgre roservation and Sacretary Smith, he declarsd that tho secretary and the presi dnt - the president acting ou the suggestion of tho socrotary - docided that conpress did not know what it was doing. Vest declared tbore was a disposition on the part of the adininistrat.ioa not to ïreat Wie people of the Wtt fairly and as if they did noc know what they wanted. The liew York Speech. He referred to late address of the president to the Presbyterian mission board in New York, the president standing ou sha thrasholds of tha rum holes and placas of yiee in Now York and sayingthe people of the wost needod missionary aid. Ho had heard that the president had lateïy lald his heart at the feot of Jesus. Ho was glad to hear it. He had feared that the president had donated all his adoration to the mugwumps and incensé burners. Veat said that if the president would hunt loss ducks in North Carolina and iWer Demócrata in Kentucky it would be better for the country. He declared the refusal of public officers to obey the law had become so flagrant it demanded the atteniion of the legislativo branch of tóe government.


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