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Why Do We Do It?

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Perhaps soma sago oan teil me, for, indeed, I'il like to know The secret of the titles that I hear where'er I go. There's Brown, who studied medicine, attaining sonie renown, Whose wife I hear reforred to now as "Mrs. Dr. Brown." What reason for the custoni can the wise ones tfve to ïae? Why not aa well refer to her as "lira. Brown, M. D.?" Beeauso O'Shea is on the bench why shotdd we ahv.'iys say. In speaking of hia oharming wife, "There's Mrs. Judge O'Shea?" Is she a judge by marriage? Was she wedded to the oourt? Tiere should bo somo good reason why the titlG sh should sport. If one should wed a justice, pray advise me, would she ba Entitled to be known by all as "Mrs. Jones, J. P.f" LP not, what reason oan we give for spoaking as we do Of "Mrs. Major Cannonball" or "Mrs. Bishop Pow?" Do titlss go to families for use of ev'ry one? And if they do, why aren 't they used by daughter and by son? Why not a "Miss Lieutenant Sharp? " Why not a junior too? At least let's be consistent In the things we try to do.


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