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Senator Cbandler of New Hampstaire, republican Ex-Secretary of the Navy, and ex-chairman of the republican national convention, denounces the McKinlev campaign managers for the corrupt use of money in buying southern delegates. The money is said to be fried out of the political manufacturers, or those looking for protection along theliues laid down in the old McKinley bill. Remember that is republican testimony, from peachable sources. But it is a sad commentary ou the results of a protective tariff system. The beneficiaries of such a tariff are expected to contribute money sufficient to buy the nomination of a presidential candidate known to stand i'or the highest degree of protection, that they may benefit from his selection. No one believes that these manufacturers contribute the large sums of money necessary to booin the idol oí therepublicans today from sentimental motives. They are in politics fof jtheir health, not for their pocketbooks, and they expect to make the dear people pay for all the money they contribute to secure higher protection. They aremaking business investments. While legislators are talking with their constituents about tlie high salaries at the University, that institution is losing good men, who are tempted by much higher salaries offered them by other institutions. The latest to accept another position is Prof. Calvin Thomas, professor of Germán, who has been offered the same chair in Columbia college, at a salary of $5,000, doublé what he is getting here. Prof. Thomas is a fine scholar, and the University will feel his loss. He is also a good citizen and the residents of this city will regret his departure. The republicans of thiscounty are dividing into two camps, Pingree and auti-Pingree. The Pingreeites will organizo a nuniber of clubs and make a big campaign. Two years ago the Pingreeites made a big fight in this city, but were out generaled in some of the wards, and found the townships en masse against them. This year the Pingreeites rely more upon the townships thau the cities. The convention will teil what kind of political figurers they are.__ It is to be hoped, that now the city has a new board of public works, all branches of the city government wil) work in harmony. There has been too much quarrelling in the past year for the good of the city. The board as now constituted are good business men, who are apt to do the best they can for the city with the powers granted them, and the Argus believes they will make a good working board. The township elections in New York this year, show heavy democratie gains over last f all. Let the democrats of Wasntenaw county take courage, put up their best candidates in the vafious townships and wards, turn out and vote.


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