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W. W. Watts

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GENUINE CL05ING OUT SALE ""'■"-■' ■-■■ ■■ ■ ....... ' " ■■■■II I I "'■'■! I. .1 .„. i „i.,,, , „ , I I l I ' . I. . I É ■ 2f i■■ ■ ! ' ■ % Having coneluded to retire from business, I am in need of Cash and am prepared to offer the yy people great bargains, comprising a first=class Stock of WatchéS, Jewelry, CÍOCks, Solid -p=Silver and Plated Ware, Fancy Novelties, etc., etc. The plan is to convert this ENTIRE STOCK INT2 CISJ1 PY nIT Ist. m % % fe; The Prices of the Entire Stock cannot be quoted here. A few Sample Bargains are given @ -LPRICES THAT COUNT t - ■ ■ ■ ■ - - , , J Can YOU Eqüal These for Geijfcs Wafcches 1 Ladies' Wafcches r Gold, Filled ai)d SilVer. Stern-Wind American Watch, Silverine Case (a good Workman's Watch) .... $ 3.75 Ladies Stem-Wind, Filled Watcb, Elgin or Waltham Movement $ 9.75 bame in Coin Silver Case, (Cases alone COST more tban our price for watch). 5. '25 -TiVtv " ü t t at íqjc in ka ssi i nn tr, Si n nn Stern-Wind, Open Face, Filled Watch, American Movement 4.75 T ,. , o, . , „ , , _.-. , . , J.' ., ,_. . , . -.o tnn aoci ca j u ' , u (4 tt u g 25 Ladies' Stern-wind, Gold Filled, 14-karat, Gold Watches, at $18, $20, $22.50 and " " " " Elgin Movement 6.75 up to $40. " " " (15 year case) Elgin Jeweled Movement) 11.00 ,,, Ladies' Silver Chatelain Watches, from $3.00 upwards " ïïuntine Case Filled Watch " " " " " 10 25 Ê& These prices are from Üne-Third to Üne-half less than these goods should bring. "' " 'k (a beauty) " c, i2Oo ( Y prices on Entire Stock Equally Low. We have hundreds of other bargains in Silver, Filled and Solid Gold Watches. C Ladies' Solid Gold Band Kings, from 50c upwards Clocks from 50c upwards: 1-day Walnut Striking Clocks, il. 50; 8-day Walnut or S Solid Silver Tea Spoons, any weight , $1.00 per ounce Oak Striking Clocks, $2.00; Fancy Forcelain Novelties in Time Pieces from $1.37. Best Triple-Plated Knives and Forks, $2.80 per doz.; PlatedTea Spoons, from $1.00 Kiding or Straight Temple Spectacles, Nickle or Bronze Frames, 50c per pair. P per set; Castors, 5, 6 and 7 bottles, $1.50 to $2.00; Cake Baskets as low as Glasses, same price. (These are Kegular Goods, cheap anywhere at $1.00 to X . $1.00; Butter Disbes from 50c. A Full Line of Plated Ware in Kegular Goods $1.50). No charge for Fitting. and JNovelties at proportionately cheap prices. f Cali Early While thB Assortmont is Complete! We cannot duplicate these prices after these gods are soldThese are Standard Goods- No "Cheap=John" Stock- but the same qual= r tl 1 iKirv bvimimb r"ivc anö r7i7ir"BC ity that the name of "Watts" has been a guarantee for in this locaüty for VflLL RñD LAtlInE vOODo rKlV.HO nearly half a century - THE BEST. This is no fake sale to Reduce Stock # # # # Whether you wish to purchase or not. in order to again stock up. Our only object in cutting prices so low is that we may sell Every Dollar's Worth of Stock and retire from business on flay 1. As has been said before SH 13 WHdT IS WdNTED-N2 ftOODS QHdRQED. At the Oíd Stai,a of Jm Qm & rf f flATTS, ÏO SoUth Maii, St. See the beautiful Cut Glass Punch Bowl inonr window to be disposed of for the beuefit of the Ann Arbor Light Infantrjr. Successor to . . J. C. 4 W. W. WATTS.


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