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MlLWAUKEE, March 19.- The Repub lican state convention was called to order by Chairman Jones of the state central committeo at 12:30 Wednesday. Secretary Ewing announced thafc there was not a contest betwe n any of the delegates and the reading of the list of delegaties was dispensed with. John G. Esch of LaCrosse, a popular young Republican, was chosen chairman of the oonvention amic applauso. Esch'a mention of the varlous presidential possibilities was mat with rounds of applause, increasing froin a moderate barst to a wild denionstration for McKinley. Men waved their hats and handkerohiefs and shouted themaelves hoarse. Esch atternpted to go on, buthad to desist until the orowd had satisflad its desire to honor the favorite of the staw. At the close of Judge Each's speech there was another demonstration not muoh less enfchusiastic. Committees on permanent organization and resolutlona were then named and the convention took a, recess until 2:30. On reassembling a resolutipn was pre sented and adopted amidst tremendou applause commending the distinguishec public services of Willlam MeKinley, anc lnstructing the delegares from Wisconbin to use all reasonable eftort to secure nis nomination for the presidency.


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