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Played A Neat Trick

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Sew Yokk, Mnrch 1!).- Spanish detec3Tes engaged in kaping wtitch on the movomeuts of the Cubuns in thi country were very muoh oxorcisod Tuesday niaht over the report that the stoamer Hawkins did not sink the morning of Jan. 38, but ihat she made her way to tha island. anded her carpo, and is now iaid up at one of the Florida keys. The story took two forma. One was that the Hawkins oarrled a doublé crew. Both craws were well paid, oue to serve till the stcamor remrned to port and the other to ba discharged in small boats about flvo miles Toni the New Jersey co.'ist. The vessol eft port Saturday night and by Tuesday night had got no further than Barnegafc wint. As aiiy ordiuary vossel could make his distauce in inuoh less time, suspicion was at once aroused. Wailing fora Storm. The detectives argue that the Hawkins was merely crawliug long the cotvst, waiting for a storm. The storm brokeon Monday night, and on Tuesdtty morning Sho crew left the sliip in small boats, taking a good nmny of ihe pasi-cngers with shein. The detectives say that. at the time the Cubans knew their int-nded moveïnents were kuown to the Unltod States and the Spanish authorities in t'ais country. They kuew the crmsers Raleigh snd Montgomery, under command of Admiral Bunce, were watuhing for them outside, a?sisted by the revenuo cutters Morrill, McLiean ani Colfnx. It was necessary, they say, to take sotue desperate moasures to make it appouu vhat the Hawkjns had gone to Cuba, and tiiis moaoi wm adopted. General García was the only man of conseqitence rescued and the detectives 8ay that was done in ordur to allay their suspieions further. Can Do More Good Here. Beside, they say. García can do moro good in this eoun ry at the present time than he cun in Cuba. Moreover, the detectives 6ay the Hawkins had on board twice as many men as she could carry to Cuba, and th-at it was absolutely necessary to dispose of tsoree of them en route. A nother version of the story on which the detectives are working !s that the Hawkins is aotually at tha bottom of the ooean, haviug boen scuttled by the Caban3 after her cargo had been trausferred to another vessel. They do not t ke up this theory with any degree of activity, howevcr, as thfy are incliiied to think she accually made her lan-ling in Cuba. They believe she went to ihe north aud east of the island then made her way to the Florida keys, where she is waiting for an expedition. Report in Cuban Circles. It was reported in Cuban oircles Tuesday night that General García did not leave on board the Bermuda, as was ganeraily thought. He laf t in a tu? and transferred to the Bermuda far out at sea. With him were other patriota bound for Cuba. Others went to Florida and sailed f rom there to meet the Bermuda. Ainoug those who went to Florida was Dr. Carlos García, General Garcia's son, and among those who loft in a tug trom New York with the general was Dr. Hernández. He is ftoing to be the chief of the surgeons' staff in the Cuban army, which is the only salaried body in the insurgont camp.


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