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Consuinption is (he natural rfsul tof a nejr'ected. cold. ]r. Wood's Norway Pine Svvi p cures coiisrhs, bronchitis, asthma. ;uid lung tronhles of all sorts down to the very b;rderland of consumption. "Thai Tired Feeling'' overcomes us wlien, inferior prepafations are rfcommenried by unsr-riipulous dealers hs "just as good us Foley's Honey and Tar ('ouli Syiup." vvher we kiiow the nnequailed merits of this great medicino A. E. üüiiiiunery, di-ngcrist, Ann Arbor. ASuffererCured "Every season, f rom the time I was two years oíd, I suffered dreadfully faom erysipelas, which kept growing worse until my hands were almost useless. The bones softened 80 that they would bend, and several of my ilngers are now crooked frorn. gK this cause. On my JfeBöyEk hand 1 carry large Mm-m m& scars, which, but for ■Sr AYER'S W Sarsaparilla, would JBttgn be sores, provided I WÊt lkS& was ave anc a'e Ayer's Sarsaparilla cured me, so that I have had no return of the disease for more than twenty years. The first bottle seemed to reach the spot and. a persistent use of it has perfected the cure."- O. C. Davis, Wautoma, Wis. W, H THE ONLY "WOBLD'S FAIR Sarsaparilla AYEK'S FILIS Fromote Good Digestión. lll__i_J Rn IJn. Who can thlnk UUSntPfl fin fsPH oisomestmpl WlCllllCU Hll lUCU thing to patent Protect your Idean: they may bring you wealth Write JOHN WEDDEKEDRN & CO., Patent Attor neys. Washington, D. C, for their J1.800 prlza offe and list oL two hundred toventions wanted. p K. WILLIAMS, Mtorney at Lav and Pension Claim Attorner MILAN, MICH. Conveyancinsr and Collectiong.


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