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4th Prize Contest

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Ist Prize. Kimball Pimo, ' 'Style 3," $ 600 00 2d Prize. Bicycle, for man or woman 75 00 3d Prize. Cash 5000 10 Cash Prizés, each $25 250 00 10 Cash Prizes, each $10 100 00 60Jash Prizes, eacb $2 120 00 ,%, 83 - - $1,19500 w jk The flrst priae will be given to the person who construct the longest sentence in good iïuglish coiitaiiiicg no letter of the alphabet more than three times. It ia not necessaryto use every letter of the alphabet, The other prizes will M go in regular order to tïiose competitors whose seutenceg are next In lengtb.. L Every eompetitor whoo sentence reachos forty-two letters will receiye a paper ' covered voluuae coutaining iwelveof WilkieCollius' novéis whether he winsa prizo m or not. Tbis contest closes April 15, ]8a6. The prize winners '.villbe announcedone A week later and t.e winning eentences publishecl. two or more prize-win ning sentences) .r8 of tr.e saine leugth preference will be given to the best one. 0 Each cmoptivcr m-ct construct bis own sentenco, and ni yerson wil! be allowed L to enter tbis contcst njóretlian onpe. Sentencs aaaotbecorrectedor substituted after thoy are réceiTatf; Eeaidonts oí Omaha aro not permitted to competa, m direotly or indirecoly. A RU LES F Or? TE W CE-(No Others Furnlsheil.) i Thelength of a senifcrois to be roeasared by the number of letters tcontalns, J but no letter can fe Usfed Lr eoimted more than three times. No word exoept "' W or "I" can be usod more thüa oooo. The sentoncu must consist of complete words. m Sins figures, aobreviations or ontractlons, etc., must not be used. The pronoun 'T" and the article "a" wiü be accepted as complete words. Proper nouns cannot W be used. Each contestant must indícate by figures at the end of hls sentence how m mauy letters it contains. „, A Thi8 remarkably liberal offer Is made by the Wkeklt Wokld-HsbaXiD, of whlch W the distinguished ex-congressman, # WiLLIAM! I. BRYAN, is Editor, # and lt is required that each competlng sentence be enclosed with one dollar for a m jear'8 subscription. The Weekly WOBLD-HEaALD is issued in semi-weekly sec tions and benceis nearly as ïood as a daily. It is the western Champion of fr ' Uver coinage and the leadlng family newspaper of Nebraska. Address, A Weekly World-fierald, Omalia, Neb. J


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