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G. B. Dygert, '95"L., has ""been admitted to praotice at Batte, Montana. He was football captain two years wbüe in college. ' - The members of the"Whiskers Clnb" ■will hold a banquet at Hangsterfer's tomorrow night, and the next day the memhers will all betake themselves to barbers aud have their whiskers removed. ;,L Tbe Republican clnb met Friday nigbt and A. L. Davis, '98 L., of S. Dakota, was chosen president. It was deeided to push the claims of E. C Lindley, '9(S L , for president of the National League of Republican Clnbs. Prof. Ualvin Thomas, who is in Germany on a leave of absence, bas been chosen by the trustees of Colnmbiao college to succeed the late Prof. Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen to fill the chair of G-ermanic laaguages and life1ature. Prof. Thomas has accepted the offer. The Maroh Inlander was placed on sale Tuesday. Atnong the contributors were W. W. Thayer, A. M. Smith, Katherine H. Brown and Claude H. VanTyne. H. M. Bowman and P. D Boorlard contribnte the verse. A cut of the Daily board is printed in the nnmber. Baseball Manager Shields, announoes that the games the coming season will number twenty-three, ten at home and thirteen abroad. Michigan will uot meet any of the eastern colleges this year. The eeason will open here April 4th with the Michigan Agricultural college olub. Prof. Calvin Thomas has deeided to accept the proffered obair of Germán in Columbia college. The change was made wholly from salary reasons, Oolnmbia making him a mnoh better offer than the university could "see. " Prof. Thomas is at present abroad on a two years' leave of absence, collecting material for his edition of the second part of Panst.


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