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Meat And Bad Temper

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Mrs. Eroest Hart, a specialist on diet, rrites : "One deplorable result of excessve meat eating in England is the ill ;emper which is a ohronic moral complaiut among us. In no country. I beieve, is home rendered so unhappy and life made so miserable by the ill temper of those who are obliged to live tojether as in England. If we comparé domestio life and manners in Kngland with those of otber conntries where meat does not forra such an integral aricle of diet, a notable improvement will be remarked. In less meat eating France, urbanity is the rule of the home : in flah and rioe eating Japan, harsh words are nnknown, and an exquisite politeness to one another prevails even among the children who play together in the streets. In Japau I never heard ruda, angry words spoken by any but Englishmen. I am strongly of the opinión that the ill temper of the English is cansed, in a great measnre, by a too abnndant meat dietary combined with a sedentary life. The half oxidized producís of albumen form urates and nrio acid, whioh, circulating in the blood, produce both mental aud moral anees. ' '-


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