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The Saline Farmers' Club meets today at Gilbert Hurd's. The junior exhibit of the Saline high school ooours this evening. The upw bridges on the Ann Arbor road at Milan are about ready to be put in position. A Knigbts of Pythias lodge is being organized in Chelsea. Rev. M. T. Flemming, of Dexter, goes to Ireland next month for a three ruouths' stay. John Healey, a twelve year old boy, who ran away from an unole in Detroit with some tramps, was picked up at Chelsea last week aud returned to bis uncle. A sad accident occmrred on the farm of Calvin Wheeler in Saline township last week. While some men were feiling a large tree Fred got in the way and the tree ín falling broke his neok. The fortnuate thing about this accident was that Fred is only a dog. John Nelson, of Salem, accidently shot himself through the hand last veek. A olass of thirteen has been confirmed in the Waterloo Lutheran church. Alvii Huudson, an old pioneer, died at North Lake.Macrh 29, aged 87 years. Christian Rorabacher died at the home of his son-in-law in Unadilla, March 27, aged seventy-three years. He was bom in Swizerland. Jacob Reithrailler got bis flngers too near a Waterloo buzz saw last week and the flngers met their Waterloo. George Whittaker has returned from Sandstone to near Chelsea and is living on the Letts farm. Gns Faniham is teaching the Unadilla school. C. T. Conklin is president of the Sylvan Christian Union and is earning the reputation of being a "pusher. " H. JB. Ordway has been elected superintendent of the North Sharon Sunday school. A class-Df three has been conflrmed in the Lutheran church in Sharon. Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Winans, of Chelsea, were not badly foolfid on April 1, when alittle son ariived at their house. Miss Nettie Storrus has resigned her position in the Chelsea schools to take effect in June, with the intention of entering the university. Rush Green rushed a pulley in the Chelsea Roller Mills last week. It was a rnshing trip he made with his arm caught f ast in the pulley. The arm was saved but rather the worse for the handling The Maccabees of Ypsilanti gave a calicó party last evening which was largely attended. Trim & McGregor, of Ypsilanti, have rented a store in Saline and will put iuto it a stock of general merchandise. Mrs. Florence S. Babbitt, of Ypsilanti, was elected chaplain of the Miohigan department of the W. R. C. at the meeting in Saginaw last week. D. Roe has removed from Superior to Ypsilanti. A masked social recently held at Austin Kannus, in Superior, netted f8.65 and lots of fun. A barn has jnst been raised on the farm of Mrs. A. Thumm in Superior, a large nnmber of neighbors participating in the ceremonies of the occassion. Robert G. Martin and Miss Edna Depew were married at the home of the bride's parents in Superior, by Rev. Harry Moore, of Dixboro, and took a wedding trip to üwosso. They have rnany well wishers. E. W. rCrafts will build a [tenant house in Sharon. A. T. Kirkwood will build an addition to his residence in Sharon. Ex-Snrpervisor Osborn, of Sharon, is a grandpa, a li'.tle boy being born to liis son, Prof.Albert Osborn, of Rochester. Christian Ernst died in Bridgewater, March 30, aged 76 years. The four montbs' old child of James D. Hunt, of Ypsilanti, was severely tourned about the forehead, arms aud hands on Thursday evening of last week, by falling onto a hot ttove from a chair in wbion it, was seated. The Dexter Leader says that rumor iias it that orauge blossoms are budding thereaboats. Wurster Bros. & Co., of .Manchester, have be'í!' b a w;jrebouse in rl;e zear of their Ktore . The freight business at Manchester has nnproved tbis year over last . John Bachman, of SaHne, will plant flve acres to colery this year. He has been very suocessfnl in celery raising. Bill Kensler, of Manchester, was sent to the Detroit House of Uorrection last Thursday by Justice Kingsley for assaulHng his mother and tnrning hei1 outofdoors. He was drunk at the time of the assanlt and has been givon ampie time to sober np. Fifty-seven new members were initiated in the Manchester Lodge A . O. CJ. W. last week and the lodge was given the broom for initiating the largest class in percentage of any place in southern Michigan. Albert Hauer, from near Oakville, was in town last Satniday, and during a oall at the Leader office incidentally remarked that he had a sow twelve years old that had given birth to 232 pigs.twenty each year of her life except one when twelve were bom. - Milan Leader. In the ruidst of Thursday's blizzard the Manchester Enterprise remarked that the frost was nearly out of the ground. The atmosphere about Blossei must have been in a torrid state. Possibly his "printer's devil" was to blame. gj Three Ypsilantians received substantial reminders last week that the pension office still exists. Justice Beach was grauted an original pension and Philip Vealey and iteuben Cole will in future receive increases tú their forrnei pensions. The editor of the Dexter Leader is turning into "a first-class sportsman and has added a cypress and red cedar row boat to his flshing outfit. " The Webster Arena and the Scio Literary Society will debate the question : "Resolved that the possession of truth is greater than the pursuit of truth." Now what ïinder the great canopy does this question mean? Will the debaters get out their foot rules and measure the height of possession and pursuit, or measure its oircumference, or will they produce scales and weigh possession and pursuit. Jas. Snllivan, head olerk on the Lochsr farra near Francisco, has bonght a bicycle and whenever he monnts it the whole neighborhood tnrns ont to see the circns. Sometimes Jim is on top, sometimes the bike, and both are patched over with mustard piasters half the time to soften np their brnises. Jim has let it leak ont that he intends to oome ont boss iu the deadly struggle or perish in the middle of the road. - Grass Lake News. Eden Dennis, Jr., met with a rather serions accident last Saturday afternoon. He was doing sorue repair work at the bara and was about to drive a nail intoja hard pieceof board, when the nail benttoone side, broke aDd flew directlyinto the left eye oí young Denuis, cntting a gash about a quarter of an inch in length directly across the sight. He at once carne to the office of Dr. Unterkircher.who gave him some relief f rom his pain, but promised him no curtainty of saving the sight. It will require some time to teil whether or not the eye can be saved.