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OR NOT GUfLTYi 5 DISEASED MEN RED KTHfMQñiyQrá young men, middle aged men and oíd men can look back at 55 I IIU Uu HU i' O their bojhood days or eurly man hond with a eigh of remoree. H , The ignorance of early youth, or Joter on a minspent liíe as "one of the boys" has sown D theScsedsforfuiuresuffering. SELF ABUSE is a terrible sin against nature and ■! will bring a rich horvest.. Blond and Private üi euses sap the very life and vitality PI of the victim. üur NEW METUOD TREA'iMENT will positively cure all the W a ing diseases: , F; VARÍCOCELE, EMISSiONS, NERVOUS DEBIÜTY, fil SYPHILIS, STRSCTURE, GLEET, SEMINAL h MESS, PIMPLES, LOTMANHOÜD, UNNATURAL R S DISCHARGES, KIDNEY AMD BLADDER DISEASES I 1 U 2 ARP Vil!! 9 NERVOUS and despondent; weak or debilitated ; tired no Ï4 ■ HilL lUU ■ lifoless; memory poov; easíly fatigued; excitable and ES % table:eyes eunken, red and blnrred; pimples on face; dreams and night losses; R W less; haggard looking; weak back, bone pains; hair loóse; ulcere; sorO throat; gjr S cele; depositin nrine and drains at stool; distrustfnl; want of confidence; lack of jnk l energy and Btrength-WE CAN CURE YOU OR ASK AfO PAY. 5 CURES GUARANTEED OR NO PAY-CONFIDENTIAL S i SNATCHED FROM THE GBAVE.,a?iririv& K doctors and nerve tonics by the score without benefit; eraissions aud orains increased. I I béfame a nervons wreek. A Friend who had been r.ured by Drs. Kennedy & Kergan fl g of a similar diBease, advisedme to try them. I dM soand ly cured. This was eigbt years ago. I am now married and have two healthy t m ren."- C. W. LBvVlö, yaginaw, ■L % UADIPnPCIC PIIQPn " Varicocele mad9 life miserable. I was weak and ra J InnlUUutLL wUilCUi nervou6, eyes sunken, bashfal in society, hair thin, fjf no ambition. The 'Golden Monitor' opened my eyes. The New Method Treatment or Drs. Kennedy and Kergan cnred me in a few weeks.- I. L. PETEK80N, Ionia, f% S CMICCinMC PlIDCn J. P. EMEKSüN relates his ex perience. "I lived on C1 LlïlloOiUliO UtirStU. a farm. At school I learned an early habit. which ÍS weakened me phyeically, eexually and mentaLly. Family doctors aaid 1 was going a into 'decline' (consnmption.) f inally 'The Goiden Monitor,' edited by Drs. Kennedy bji & Kergan, feil into my hands. I learned tl e TRTJTH and the CAÜ8E. Self-abuse M j had sapped my vitality. I took the New Method Treatmeut and was cured. My Jf jf frieeds think 1 was cured of consumption. I have sent them many patients, all' of W g whom were cored. Their New Method Treatment suppliea vigor, vitality and ■ manhood." K S CV DH il IC n!33C(l "This terrible blood discase was in my Bystem for eight so m OirniLl'J uU.LJ years. Had taki n mtreury for two years, bnt the disoase J returned. Eyes red, pimples and blotcheson the 6kiri, ulcers in themouthand on Sg m tocgne, bone pains, failing out of hair, weakuees, etc. My brother, who had teen I ■ cured of Gleet and Stricture by Drs. Kennedy and Kergan, recommended them. 3 Tbey cured me in a few weeks, and 1 thank God 1 consulted them. No return of the D desease in six years." - VV. P. M., Jackson. 1 7 YEARS IN DETROIT, 200,000 CURED. NO RISK. 1 ÍHÍPAriFñi AroyoQ a victim'' Have yon lost hope? Are yoa contemplatinK Si a iC-rll-' &■■ marriage? ijasyocr biood boendiseased? Have you any weakness? & Our New Method Treatment wili cure you. What it has done for others it will do for % j V yon. CONSÜLTATIOÑ FREE. No maitír who has trf-ated you. write for an honest W 5 opinión Free of (harge. Charges reasonable. BOOKS FREE.- "The bolden Monitor" % f (illustrated), on Diseases of Men.lnclose postage, i cenls. öeaietl. 2 Sagi-NO NAMKS U3EÜ WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT. VATE. No medicine sent C. O. D. No narnes on boxes ■" 1 opes. tvarytning conf dential. Question Hst and cosí of 11 I Treatment FREE. j# I DRSIENNEDY&KEBGAN.'de'SSI


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