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The spring elections generally throughou...

The spring elections generally throughou... image
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The spring elections generally throughout Michigan show democratie gains. Adrián turned down a republioan mayor. Flint gave 200 democratie majority in the place of 600 repnblioan. Saginaw went 1,600 demooratic. Even republican Coldwater elected a democratie mayor. In fact the democrats carried 26 cities in republican Michigan and showed gains in a large nnmber [of towuships. This is not a mere local trend of sentiment as shown by the faut that in New York state a month ago, the township eleotions showed many democratie gains. Vj V4LJCL 1ÖUI Jlhíá& -■ l-- ■ w - r victory in Sylvan, defeating James L. Gilbert, the hero of eleven repnblican victories, and no previons defeats, by the slashiug big majoriy of 108,against the earnest and presistent efforts of the sherifl's office to defeat him. This victory will go a long ways towards placing 'LMr. Lighthall in the sheriffship of this connty. The democrats lost Ann Arbor city only by their almost criminal neglect of the election. The committee never even held a meeteing and there was uo organized work done and very little desultory work. If the proper work had been done the city wonld have shown a democratie gain of one in supervisor instead of a republican gain of two. If the democrats want the next connty treasurership they may turn their eyes to Ann Atbor town, where the hustling and energetic, Henry Braun has just defeated John Keppler, the strongest repnbican vote-getter in the town, for town treasurer, by 37 majority, they might look farther and fare worss. __________ The spring elections indícate tbat Washtenaw is coming back to ber old time place in the democratie column. It indicates that without the organization and -work of the republicans, the democrats are not yet dead, they have only been sleeping and the awakening is coming. All honor to the democrats of Superior, who returned a very superior democratie majority, in fact a very heavy one for that townsihp.


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