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Auspiciously Opened

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The publio opeuing of the new arrnory of the Ann Arbor Light Iufantry last evening was made a regular gala night by the officers and naembers of the cornpany, and the 400 guests who had assembled to do honor to the occasion. Proni 8 o'clock until afrer 3 yesterday morninp; the building vsas thronged with officers of the governor's staff in their gaily bedecked military dress, soldiers in uniform, citizens in somber black and ladies in bright, many-colored, handsome attire. The exercises of the evening consisted of inspection of Gompany A by Capt. Vernou, 19th U. S. infantry, presentation of medals for excellence in drill and attendanca by Governor Rich, reception and military ball. Tothisevent Governor John T. Kioh, commander-in-aheif and bis staff and officers of the M.N. G. from all over the state had been invited. The invitatious were freely accepted and the governor was accompauied by the following staff officers of the Michigan National Guard: Gen. James H. Kidd, Ionia; Col. Frank H. Latta, Battle Creek; Col. William Cook, Lansing; Col. Stephen Avery, Lansing; Col. John E. Tyrrell, Jackson; Col. Fred H, Schubel, Maj. John P. Sanford, Lansing. Besides these there were already here: Brig -Gen. Joseph WaJsh, Port Huron ; Gen. William S. Green, Detroit; Maj. Seymour Howell, Adrián ; Col. Willam A. Gavett, Detroit; Col. Lou Bnrt, Detroit, and Col. Frank Williams, Grand Rapids, and Capt. Charles Vernob, of the U. S. Infantry. At o o clock p. rn., the Light lufany turnad out aud headed by their jand marched to the Michigan Geutral depot to meet G-ov. Rich and staff. As oon as the train arrived the guests veré escorfed in carriages to the hotel, where an informal dinner was served. At 8 the informal reception to the governor and staft' began in the handome drill room of the armory. The reception committee consisted of the 'ollowing oitizens and officers: Col. lenry S. Dean, Maj. Harrison Soule, laj. Martin L. Belser, Hou. Edward Duffy, Capt. Ross Granger, Col. John 3. Tyrrell, Maj. Seymour Howell.Capt. Charles E. Hiscock, Hon. Samuel W. Beakes, Lieut. William F. Amstrong and Lieut. Herman O. Walters. Tbis was followed by the business part of the evening's program, the military inspection, which was con ducted by Capt. Charles A. Vernou He criticised some few points of the drill, but as Capt. Vernou is one of the strictest tacticiaus in the U. S. arrny, lis rernarks partook more of the nature of instrnction than of reproof. At the close of the iuspection G-overnor Rioh was Dtroduced to the company by Col. Henry S. Dean. Ia a few well ohosen phrases he spoke of the duties of the Michigan National Grnard and stated that he had had occasion to test thei faithfulness to tin trust reposed in them and had not found them wanting. He then presented the silver and bronze tnedals for proficiency and regular attendance at drill. The silver meaal was awarded to Capt. Ross G-ranger. The lucky recipieuts of the bron.e medals were: Liput. Williaw F. Armstrong, Sergeants William C. Cooper, Ambrose C. Pack, Fred C. Rentschler, Corporals Noble Monroe, Karl C. Kern, John Haarer, Charles Petrie, Fred Huntiïon, Prívales Robert G-auss, Leo Gruner, George W. Kyer, Víctor Kauöinann, ij. M. McFarlane, Samuel Stade], Frank Tice, Paul C. Meyer, Albert Wilson. The presentation over the floor was cleared and dancing began. The full Chequamegon orchestra furnished the ruusic for a program of 24 numbers, and dancing uontiuned until an early honr Tlmrsday morning. The patronesseswere: Mrs. A. J. Sawyer, Mrs. Seymotir Howell, Mrs. J. WilJard Babbitt, Mrs. Joseph T. Jacobs, Mrs. John E. Tyrrell, Mrs. Reuben Kempf, Mrs. S. W. Beakes, Miss Emma E. Bower. Light refreshments were served by Hangsterfer and were rauch enjoyed during the evening. Out of a company of 82 men, 76 were on hand for the inspeotion and drill. Of thoge absent one was away on leave, another was best mau ata wedding and the other fonr were excused. Speaking privately of the company, Capt. Veronn said that th arrns, equipments and clothing of the men were in the best conditisn of any company he had inspected in the state and in the manual of anus it exceJs most of them. The boys have occasion to feel proud of their spacious new armory and its most auspicious opening.


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