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Board Of Supervisors

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The board of supervisors is 'demo oratio by one majority, the republieans ïaving gained two in Anu Arbor city where the vote was remarkably light and the democrats did no work aud the deuocrats gained one in Manchester. The rest of the township went us last year thongh in most towns the democrats gained heavily in major ties or reduced the republican majorities. There are nine new members of the board this year, two of whom, however, Tohu R Miner and Willis Watkins, iave seen servioe on the board. The tollowing are tie ruembers elect, the new members having a star preflxed to their names: Ann Arbor City - First ward - John R Miner, R Second ward - John Feiner, R Third ward - John Fischer, R Fourth ward- H Krapf, R Fifth ward - James Boy le, D Sixth ward - Arthur J Kitson, R Seventh waid - Ernest E Eberbach, R, 20 Ann Arbor Town - C J Tüomey, D Augusta - S S Bibbius, R Bridgewater - George Walters, D Dexter - John Clark, D Freedom- M P Alber, D Lima- Ed Beach, D, Lyndon - James Howlett, D Lodi- Ira Wood, D . Manchester- Willis Watkins, D Northfield- E E Leiand, R Pittsfield- M F Case, R Ealeru - Myron Bailey, R ] Saline - E A Hauser, R Soio - Byron Wbittaker, D Sharon- Wm F Hall, D Superior - Walter Vorheis, D Sylvan - Hiram Ligbthall, D Webster - Edward Ball, R ' York- 'Alf red Davenport D . Ypsilanti - John L Hunter R Ypsilanti City - First district - Sumner Damon,rR Seoond district - J M Forsythe, D


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