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Issued A Forged Check

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wednesday aftemoon abont 4 o'clock Bert J Larcche, a table waiter at the Arhngton house presented a check for 120 to Süas Saxtou, bartender oí the saloon next to the hotel, sigüed by Clark C. Haweg, and asked him to eaeh it, which he did. A short time after cashing the check he saw it was dated March 80, and thinking it rather strange that Laroehe should have been, given a check dated so far back as that be called in Marshal Peterson and asked nis opinión of it The handwriting on the face of the check and the endorsement were identical and then a trip to the First National Bank tfhere the check was made payable was had. Charles Gruner, the teller, at once said that Mr. Hawes did not do business ; there but at the Farmers and Mechanics Bank. JH. A. Willams, the teller of that instituiton, on being shown the check at once pronounced it a forgerv. Search was tfaen made for Laroohe and he was presently found in Gwinner Bros. ' saloon on Detroit street in oompany with a man named Ernest Heimer. A hack was waiting at the door to convey Laroohe to the depot on his way to Detroit and had the offlcer beeu a few minutes later the bird would have flown. Laroohe spas taken to the jail and searched bnt no money was foand in his possession. Helmer was taken to the Arlington where he also was searohed on the authority of Laroohe's information that he had given the money to Helmer, but no money was found on him. The two men were then bronght faoo to face at the jail but nothing further was elicited, Laroche deolaring he had given $10 to Helmer, and that party declaring justas emphatioally that he had never seoa it. Laroche was arrainged before Justioe Pond yesterday afternoon'at 4 'o'olock on the charge of passing the check.


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