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A Sensational Lawsuit

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The case of T. E. Barkworth and Michael Brenner vs. Samuel Seney et al. , foreclosure of raortgage, which was on trial in the circuit court ou Thnrsday afternoon of last week was fraught with considerable testimony of a highly dramatic and sensational nature as well as with a word battle between Attorneys T. E. Barkworth and A. J. Sawyer. The facts of the case as brought ont were that the defendant (Seney) had mortgaged his farm in Lima to a Mr. Morrison, for $9,000. The mortgagee died about two years ago and the mortgage was sold to T. E. Barkworth and M. Brenner, the plaintiffs, wbo bronght siiit of foreclosure. When the case first carne up for trial March 27, a receipt for $3,000 signed by Mr. Morrison, the original mortagee, was produced, whioh the plaintiffs in this oase knew nothing about, they therefore asked or an adjournment of the case which wasgranted. The case was then postponed until Thursday of last week. During the time between these two dates Frank Morrison, the son of the original mortgagee, oaine to Mr. Barkworth 's office at Jackson aüd said he had something on his mind which he would like to disclose. Mr. Barkworth told him to bring Harvey Seney, wüo, he claimed was imülicated, and the matter would be straightened out. When this information was brought forward in court, Mr. Sawyer accused Mr. Barkwrth of extorting informatiou from his olient by means of threats and bluffs, ttpon which Mr. Barkworth demanded tobeát once put upon the stand to testify, which tbe court allowed him to do and he related tne story as above stated. Also that Frank Morrison told him tbat the receipt of $3,000 waa a frand and that he had made it at Harvey Seney's suggestion. The blank receipt, he found with his father's signatnre and he made out the rest of it. The circumstances of this confession to Mr. Barkwoith were corroborated by the evidence of Mr. Helling, of Jackson, at whose house Morrison, who lives in Toledo, stopped while in Jackson. He stated that after Morrison retnrned from his interview with Mr. Barkworth, he handed to him (Hellingt a folded note with the request that he would not open it for 10 minutes. Mr. Helling snspected that all was not as it should be and immediately after Morrison had gone upstairs to his room opened the note and read its contents. The letter stated that in view of the forgery he had committed and the disgrace that would accrue to his only ohild Patrick, if he were confined in the state prison, whioh in conseqnence of his offence stared him in the faoe, he intended to take his life. On reading these startling hnes Mr. Helling rushed tipstairs and tnrowin? open the door of Morrison's room discovered him with a revolver in bis hand and e razor lying on the table in the " very act of ending his existence. After a struggle of aome minutes dnration, Mr. Helling disarmed the wouldbe suicide. A two hours' course of argument by Mr. and Mrs. Helling, oouvinced Morrison of the folly of his proposed action and he returned to his home in Toledo next day. After hearing this tstimony the defense of the case was withdrawn.the case was dropped aud the deed of the farm was given to -the jplaintiff.


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