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Real Estate Transfers

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The following are the real estáte transfers from Friday, March 2?, to Thursday, April 2, inclusive: Mary McCarthy to Hannah McCarthy, Ann Arbor, $1,000. Fred A . Kotts to Minnie A . Kotts, Manchester, $1 . Barbara Jenkins to John Jenkins, Manchester, $500. Nathaniel O jlenian et al to Edwin W. Wallace, Saline, $500. Frederick Keek and wife to Martin Keek, Lodi, $1. Frank E. Carnwet to D. Caiuwet, York, $800. George Theiirer and wife to George .T. Theurer, Jr,. York, $2,100. Walter B. Sill to H. Wirt Newkirk, Dexter, $1,000. John Devine by sheriff to George Devine, Webster, 325. CaroÜDe Esch to Henry Esch, Freedom, 12,000. Albert Ayleswortk and wife to Thomas F. Wellwood, Manchester, $3,250. Auditor General to John Schaft, Ypsilaoti, $33.69. Andrew Ryan to John Carroll, Ypsianti, $2,000. John Carroll and wife to Andrew Eyan, Ypsilanti, f 900. Charlotte M. Baxter to Andrew McHenry, York, $2,640. Alfred Seit by sheriff to James L. Babcock, Pittsfield, $1,580. Edward E. .Camp and wife to Admiral and Janette Camp, Ann Arbor, $1. JesseE. Saxton and wife to Wilhelmina O.Cameron, Ypsilanti, $3,000. Francés A . Beach tr Harold A . Beach et al., Lima, $81. Emma Freer et al. to Francés Beach, Lima, 1 . James N.and Ellen Wallace to Edgar E. Osband, Ypsilanti, $300. D. C. Griffen to Georgiana Hays, Ypsilanti, 80. Samupl G . Hosack and wife to Willard P. Clements, Ann Arbor, $1. Chas, and Frank É. Mills by sheriff to Stoddard M . Twitchell, Pittsfield, $7,156. Jacob B. Eschelbach and "wife to John M. Escheloach, Freedom, $35. Abigail E. Robinson to Win. C. Murray, Superior, $100. Amanda Rogers to Horatio N. Benham, Ypsilanti, $1,250. Albert Bimski by atturney to John William Tirb, Bridgewater, $590. Henry Snowball and wife to Orville Snowball, Agnsta, $1 . Wm . Burke by esecntoi'S to James E. Burke, Ann Arbor, $15,000.