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Sherman Criticised

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Washington, April 9.- In the sonato Wednesday Turpio was recognized in support of the joint resolution of Cali for the sending of a United States fleet to Cuban waters to protecfe Americans and to stop Spanish barbarities. Turpie said this resolution was full of meaning conBidering the remarkable change of front of the chairman of the eommittee on foroign relations (Sherman) and the senator fro:n Massachusetts (Hoar) iu their conduct of the Cuban campaign. This resolution proposed to send a United States naval force to Cuba. During the Chilian trouble our fleet was sent to Chili and exercised a most salutary inĂ¼uenco. And niiw on the samo errand and with tho samo purpose a United States fleet should pi'OCeed to Havana. Juisips 011 SUernian. This resolution was tho natural outgrowlh oL the inertia, inaction and ob6truction of the chairmau of the commibtee on foreign relations (Sherman) since he took rcf uge in the crypt of a conferenco eommittee. Turpie severely crilicised Bherman'a "abnormal proceedings" in handling the Cuban resolution. Tho resolutions offered by Sherman had proposed ''intervention," but it was not disclosed by this remarkable document wbether wo were to intervene to restore the grjisp of Spain on Cuba, or in behalf of Cuba to throw off that grasp. "When the time comes for intervention, " exclaimed Turpie, "I am for i vention on tha side ot Cuba for the sake of ! fruedom and indeponden ce and for no other reason."


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