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Great Removal Sale!

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'.'.11% We sold f our Pianos last week to parties who thought Jj;::: :::;;{ of buying sometime, but who found on learning our phe= ;;;; ■3"'IJS nomenally Iow prices that the time to buy was now. {;::: ÉÉs'PftspC' 'Mll Buyers of Pianos, do not fail to take advantage of the ;::; ÏÏr' Mll exceptional opportunity now offered to buy a Piano or an ZlllY. 'Ml Organ at the lowest figure ever known in Ann Arbor. j;;::; wvvwvvnavnwvvvvvvv 7UPRLQHT $ PIANO BARGAINS! The following 7 pianos have been used, some 6 months, some a year, but none over 18 months. They will be put in perfect condition at our factoL & ry, and will be closed out at $25 down and $10 per V ïionth. We offer these as special bargains, and when we use thi3 term, we mean it in its fullest - L 'L sense. jb C Here they are: i Petit Bijou Piano, small size, former price $225.00 4T Removal Sale Price, each 85.00 JL 'i Allmendinger, black case, good condition, former , price 250.00 . Removal Sale Price 135.00 1 Boardman & Gray, ebony, former price 265.00 Removal Sale Price 145.00 C 1 Erie Piano, ebony, but little used, former price. .. 275.00 JL Removal Sale Price 168.00 1 Erie Piano, walnut, as good as new, former price 300.00 # Removal Sale Price 175.00 C 1 Guild Piano, sold 2 years ago for 34-o Removal Sale Price 170.00 1 Pease Piano, in very fancy case, in first-class con dition, former price 300.00 C Removal Sale Price 180.00 L We have sold 3 of the 6 pianos we offered in fancy cases for % spot cash for $189 each. These pianos are such a rare bargain that % if you miss the opportunity of buying one, it is your own fault. Some wise buyers have seen the economy of borrowing money to j buy at these prices. v p Qreat Removal Sale. We sold four pianos last week to parties who thought of buying sometime, but who found on learning onr phenomenally low prices that the time to buy was now. Buyers of pianos, do not fail to take advantage of the exceptional opportunity now offered to buy a piano or an organ at the lowest figure ever known in Ann Arbor. BUY1NQ A PIWO. You have been thinking of buying a piano for a long time. If you keep putting it off, you will never get it. Now is the time to buy, for now is the time you can save money. If your grocer offered granulated sugar at 3c a pound, when you are paying 6c, you would Ibuy a quantity. You know that is cheap, for you buy it every day. If he offered you Queen Anne soap at 3c a cake, you would buy it for the same reason, because you are saving money. If you could buy Royal Baking Powder for 25c a pound, when you have to pay 50c, you would buy Royal, because you know it is good, and could be böught at the price of the poorest. We want you to realize that we are offering just as big bargains on pianos and musical instruments today as granulated sugar would be at 3c a pound. We are obliged to move, and the store we hope to secure will have to undergo extensive repairs, which will consume two or three months before it is fit for occupancy. We are overstocked with pianos, our present warerooms are crowded, and we have about 60 rented pianos coming in the middle of June. Think of this seriously, and come in and see us. ÍA dollar saved is a dollar earned, and you can save a good many dollars by buying your musical instruments now. ' BICYCLES. f L We sold 9 Bicycles last week. This shows our "prices appeal L to eareful buyers. Our Dayton Bicycle is unexcelled by any, no matter how famous or by whom made. The Ben Hur at $85 and } $100 we believe to be the best value for the money ever offered in Ann Arbor. We also sell the Clipper and Wellington Bicycles at xí $75 and $65, and we have a few good wheels as low as $50. L Here are a few Kemoval Sale Bargains: cf C 1 $85 Ben Hur (used) - ... $55 00 1 $1OO Kalpli Temple - ... $6O OO f 1 $1OO Monarch $65 OO L ]X 1 $85 Gents' Ben Hur, '95 model - - $70 OO 1 $85 Ladies' Ben Hur, '95 model - - $7O OO 1 $85 Clipper, Gents', '96 model - - $75 OO k ORGANS. I Those organs we mentioned as slightly shop-worn, are in firstL class condition otherwise, and it will pay you to examine them & and get pricas. Forty-five tö Sixty Dollars will now buyan organ that formerly sold at from Seventy-ñve to Ninety. %. Those Accordeons at $1.25, $1.45 and $1.80, and those $6.50 Mandolins at $3.95 will not last long. There is excellent value in J them, and in some Violins and Banjos we have listed at equally low prices. JSTow's the time to buy if you ever intend buying. r w - w v ▼ Tf v - ■■ ■■- -t ..-" " " t The Ann Arbor Organ Company. Preseijfc Address, 51 Soüth Maiij SfcreeL


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