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J. he annual junior exhibition of the Saline high school was held last Friday evening and everything passed off in the pleasantest mannerpossible. The program, wbieh is given below, was carried out in full to the entire satisfaction of those most interested in it and of those who composed the audience. Prof. K. O. Austin, the highly efficiënt principal, and his corps of teachers have done good work during the year and it has not been in vuin. The receipts were $28. Following is the program: PROGRAM. Literary. Music, "Unfurl the Sail," High School Choir. Essay, "Wasted Time," Rose Wood. Recitation, "Face Agaiust the Pane,' Linnie Rogers. Music, "Jingle Bells,'1 Mixed Quartet. Marión Leith, Blanch Bennett, Floyd Bennett, Arthur Davenport. Seleet Reading. "Mark Twain's Guides in Genoa." Mabel Kyte. Violin, "Last Kose of Slimmer," Farmer Mrs. Fred GiUett. Plag and Patriotic Program. Recltation, "The American Flag," Agnes McKinnon. Declainatlon, "Meaning of the Flag." Chas. Williams. Music, -'Speed Away," High School Choir. Recitation, "Apostrosphe to the Flag," ' Gertrude Mlller. Deolamation, "The National Flag," Balph Isbell. Reeitatinn, "Hall to the Flag," Olive Cressy. Music, ' Grumbling Jones," Mixed Quartet. H story of the Flag, ] Agnes McICiu non Oofccert Hecltatioaf } Mabel Kyte. UevoHon to the Flag , J ' Music, "Graud Medley " High School Choir1 Declainatlon, "Battle of Mission Ridge," Chas. Williams. Recltation, "Patriotism and the Flag," Clara Sturm. Vlolin Solo, "Stré win g Flowers," Bailey. Mrs. FredGillett. Literary Trio, Misses, McKinnon, Sturm and Rogers. Vocal Solo, "Coming thro' the Rye," Miss Loviua Parsons. Piano Duet, "Oberon," Op. 07, Leybach. Misses Alice Sturm and Marión Leith. Shepherd's Drill. MeiissaHuil, Mabel Kyte, Murtella North, Lena Frlis, Agnes McKinuon, Lou Harmon, TiliieBlaess, ClaraSturm, Bede Burkhart, Aileen Sears, Ida Walker, Lydia Klein, Gertrude Mlller, Blandí Mead, EvaSchairer, Helen Lindens chmidt


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