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A Particularly Sad Case

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About the first of this month Fred Reinhart,the 11 year oíd son of Charles F. Reinhart, of Ypsilanti, looked through a pieoe of yellowish glass at the sun. The glass made a rude convex lens, trat it was sufficiently accurate to focus the rays of the bright snnlight upon his eyes. There was no pain and he repeated the act again and again. Gradually his eyesight has failed hirn until his startled parents oalled in Dr. Hneston, who made an examination and brought the lad to Ann Arbor last week. By the nse of Dr. Carrow's ophthalmoscope it was found that the optio nerve was paralyzed aud will eventually wilher away and the result will be that the young boy will be forced to go through life blind. At present the light of day can be discerned in oue eye, but that is all and this is gradually failing.


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