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Praise Where Praise Is Due

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Mrs. Florence Babbitt, of Ypsilanti, was a close second in the race for deartment president of the W. R. C. We have no doubt but the lady chosen s erninently qualifled, bnt with all defrence we are f ree to say, that nowhere n Michigan has there been a more udicions, persevering, faithfnl and oyal worker in the canse than Mrs. Babbit. She has been tireless in her fforts to bnild np the order and to adanes every project that was of interest o the corps, or to the G-. A. R. She was prominent in securing funds for soldiers' monument in Washtenaw ounty, and we believe that it is due o her efforts, that success was attaired. Suoh ladies are an honor to the order and we trust she will be yet fully appreciated and rewarded with that eoognition, conferring the highest lonors she so richly deserves. - Adrián 'ress. The Press is right, there is no one in Michigan more deserving of this honor than Mrs. Babbitt, and there is no one who would do more for the order if placed in the position to which he so worthily aspired.


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