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Real Estate Transfers

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The following are the transfers of real estáte reoorded in the office of the register of deeds f rom April 3 to April 13, inclusive: James E. Rogers to Harriet Rogers, York, $1. Lester H. Sweetland and wife to Edward April, Lodi, $1,500. C. W. Wagner and wife to Edward April, Lodi, $1,500. Seth N. Hedges, by adm., to Ida Miller, Daxter. James Smith and wife to Lewis N. Hunter, Salem, $3,000. Christian Hoffstatter to Gertrude Hoffstetter, Ann Arbor city, $1,800. Sarah J. and Harry P. Seney toT. E. Barkworth and Michael Brenner, Lima, $10,612.50. George D. Lockwood, et al., by circuit court commissioner, to Eunice M. Lambie, York, $1,500. Samuel Krause and wife to Solomon Baumgartner, Ann Arbor city, $3,200. Silas L. Young and wife to Mary A. Ruth Young, Lyndon, $300. John Vaughn, by executor to Sarah Vaughn, Webster, $1,100. Castle Curtís, by adm . , to Harrison T. Phelps, Webster, $2,019.36. Lydia K . Harper to Frank A . Cordoni, Bridgewater, $900. Frank A. Cordoni to Martin Wheelock, Bridgewater, $300. Nancy M. Curtis to Harrson T. Phelps, Webster, $504.34. Frank B. Harper and wife to Mary R. Griffin, Ypsilanti, $75. John Schettler and wife to Charles B. Palmer and J. D. Clark, Lima, $4,000. donn j? iíeiajiamp and wife to Frederick Neyer, Freedoin, $2,000. Harriet Bogers to Harriet E. Smith and C. F. Smith, Lodi, $1,200. Mathias Eoser and wife to Mathias F. Roser, Ypsilanti, $450. Jas. S. Tolivei and wife to Henry Folmer, Saline, $125. James Caplin, by adm., to Martha Caplin, Ypsilanti, $100. James Bagan and wife to Frank Greening, Chelsea, $1,000. Eugene B. Hall and wife to John Oren Reed and wife, Ann Arbor, $750. Mary H. Hamilton to John Smith, Salem, $1. Othniel E. Gooding and wife to William D. Gooding, York, $2,000. George Lamkin to Milo Smith, Augusta, $3,000. B.F. Thomas, by circuit court oommissioner, to Ralph C. Whiting, Ann Arbor, $530.05. Sarah J. Beach to Charles L. Beach, Ann Arbor, $300 . William Grams and wife to John Lampricht and wife, Augusta, $800. Elias Richardson and wife to Jennie Baringer, Augusta ,$600. Jennie Trim to Helen Trim, Ypsilanti, $1. Helen Trim to Ethan E. Trim and wife, Ypsilanti, $1. John Georg Seyfried, by adm., to John Koch, et al., Ann Arbor, $307. Winthrop Merrill, by adm., to Johnson Backus, Webster, $1,100. Johnson Backus and wife to George W. Merrill, Webster, $1,100. George JST. B. Renwick, by sheriff, to Mary Q. Gorton, Salem, $3,553.55. Nellie Chase to Roger W. Cady, Ypsilanti, $1. Otis H. and Mary Cady, to same, same, $1. Dewayne E. Cady to same, same, $1. Mary C. Edwards to same, same, 1. John V. Sheehan and wife to Mary C. Whiting, Ann Arbor, $1, 100. Jacob J, Knapp and wife to Frederick Eisenmann, Bridgewater, $766.60. Charles W. Grossman to William G. Weimer, Ann Arbor, $400. Joseph L. Rose to John V. Sheehan, Ann Arbor, $1. Same to same, Anu Arbor, $1. Thomas E. Barkworth and Michael Brenner to Hiram Pierce, Lima, $8.200. William A. Sanford, et al. , to Daniel I. Kline, Saline, $300. Helen J. Lawrence to Jarnes N. jawrence, York, $1,300. Same to Helen J. Luther, York, $800. Phebe Martin to Hattie J. Lambie, Superior, $1. Hattie J. Lambie to Phebe Martin, Superior, $1.


Real Estate Transfers
Real Estate - Washtenaw County
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Charles L. Beach
Castle Curtis
James E. Rogers
Harriet Rogers
Lester H. Sweetland
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C. W. Wagner
Seth N. Hedges
Ida Miller
James Smith
Lewis N. Hunter
Christian Hoffstetter
Gertrude Hoffstetter
Sarah J. Seney
Henry P. Seney
T. E. Barkworth
Michael Brenner
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Samuel Krause
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Silas L. Young
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Eugene B. Hall
John Oren Reed
Mary H. Hamilton
John Smith
Othniel Gooding
William D. Gooding
George Lamkin
Milo Smith
B. F. Thomas
Ralph C. Whiting
Sarah J. Beach
William Grams
John Lamprecht
Elias Richardson
Jennie Baringer
Jennie Trim
Helen Trim
Ethan E. Trim
John George Seyfried
John Koch
Winthrop Merrill
Johnson Backus
George W. Merrill
George N. B. Renwick
Mary Q. Gorton
Nellie Chase
Roger W. Cady
Otis H. Cady
Dewayne E. Cady
Mary C. Edwards
John V. Sheehan
Mary C. Whiting
Jacob J. Knapp
Frederick Eisenmann
Charles W. Grossman
William G. Weimer
Joseph L. Rose
Thomas E. Barkworth
Hiram Pierce
William A. Sanford
Daniel I. Kline
Helen J. Lawrence
James N. Lawrence
Helen J. Luther
Phebe Martin
Hattie J. Lambie