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Guilty Or Not Guilty

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I DISEÁSED MEN CÜFED g y THnil9JlíinCoL yonng mon, middle aged men and oíd meia can look back at S K I llvlIOKII : O their boyhood days or early manhood with a sish of remoree. n mm Xhe ignorance of eariy youth, or Ínter on a misspont lile as "ooe of the boys" has sown " - theseedslorfntnresuffering. SELF ABUSE ie a terrible sin against nature and E5 will bnng a nch harveet. Blood and Private Di eases sap the very lite and vitality SI R' of tbe victira. Our N13W METHOD TJÍEA1HENT will positively cure all the followU ingdiseases: jj S VAR1COCELE, EMISSIONS, NERVOUS DEBILITY, $ SYPKILIS, STR!CTURE, GL EET, SEMINAL 7 ÍNESS, PIMPLES, LO T MANHOOD, UNNATURAL K DISCHARGES, KSDMEY AND BLADDER DISEASES. %t ARP Yílll 9 NERVOUS and despondent; weak or debilitated ; tired mornings: no ti Hi'L iUU ! arubitiott- Hfeless; meniory poor; easily f atigued; excitable and E table: eyes eanken, red and blnrred; pimples on face; drenms and night losses; H less; hagfjard lookinfj; weak back, bone pains; hair looee; ulcere; sore throat; i) cele; depowtin nrine and drains at stool; distrustfnl; want of conïidence; lack of t%' energy and etrength- WE CAN CURE YOU OR ASK NO 'PAY. ti CURES GUARANTEED OR NO PAY- CONFIDEISITIAL S 'ÏNflTPHFn f Ríliyí TMP HRAVF A Wamlng from the Living. "At OilHlüntU rnUiïl Int UnASt. lSllearnedabadhabU. Tried fonr H doctors and nerve tonice by the score without benefit; emissions and tirains increased. a I became a nervons wreck. A friend who had been eured by Drs. Kennedy & Kergan SE of a similar disease, adyised me to try them. I did so and in two months was Jy cnred. This was eight years ago. 1 ain now married and have two healthy child. N ren."- C. W. USWIB, aginaw, i UARIPfSPFIC PlIRPn "Varicocele made life miserable. I was weak and K lnnluUllL(.L U U n U u . nervous, eyes sunken. bauhf al in society, hair thin, U noambition. The 'Golden Monitor' opened my eyes. The Now Mothod-Treatment of r Drs. Kennedy and Kergan cured me in a few wedks.- I. L. PETEHSON, Ionia, f FMIQQIHNQ PlIRPn J. P. EMERSON relates hi8 erperience. "I lived on C tllllOOiUliO UUni-Ui a farm. At school! learned an early hahit. which tf weakened me physically, eexnally and mentally. Family doctors said 1 was going into 'decline' (consumption.) íninally 'The Golden Monitor,' edited by Drs. Kennedy tt & Kergan, íell into m y hands. í learned the TRUTH and the CAUSE. Self-abnse K had sapped my "vitality. I took the New Method Treatment and was cured. My íjf friends think I was carel of consamption. I have sent them inany patients, all of W whom were cured. Their New Method Treatment Eupplies vigor, vitality and K manhood." ig QVPUIIIv P í ! Q f H "T!lÍ8 terrible blood disease wne in my system for eight " OirnlLlO UUilLUi years. Had takt n mercury for two years, bnt the disease JÏÏ Íreturned. Eyes red, pimples and blotches on the skia, alcers in the month and on E tongne, bone pains, faliing out of hair, weakness, etc. My brother, who had been I cured of Gleet and Strioture by Drs. Kennedy and Kergan, recc-mmended them. They cured me in a Lew weeks, and I thauk God I consultad them. No return of the O disease in six years." - W. P. M., Jackson. II - O 1 7 YEARS IN DETROIT, 200,000 CURËD. NO RISK. DCAnFRI Are yon a victim? Have you lost hope? Are yon contemplating ■ nwrtltn marriaga? Ha your blood beon diseased? Have you any weakness? K Our New Method Treatm ent wili cure yon. What it has done for other6 it will do for yon. CONSULTATION FREE. No matter who bas trated yon, write for an honeat R opinión Free of Charge. Charges reasonable. BOOKS FREE.- "The Golden Monitor" ! fillustrated), on Diseases of Men.Inclose postage, 2 cents, tíealed. Sí -NO ÑAMES USED WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT. 2 VATE. No medicine sent C. O. D. No ñames on boxes or ■■ opes. Everything confidential. Question Hat and cost of n Treatment FREE. SI DRS.KENNEDY&KER6AN,NDaffll!;i


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