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A snnrise rrayer meeting was appoiuted at the Piesbyteriau church, Ann Arbor.last Snuday morning. Only ladies were present . It is not custoinary to see an Aun Arbor son before 9 o'clook Sunday morning, and very seldoia he attends prayer meeting at any hour. Ann Arbor has a sewing school and ?0 children receive instrnctions from 1 3 teachers, every Saturdy . It is needless to say that they do not construot the city sewers, notwithstanding the fact, that once a week eaoh little sewer goes forth to sew. According to the Coarier this is so. The editor of the Ann Arbor Courier bas been presented by the King's Daughtersof Nortbville.with theircook book. He spent four houis looking Eor a receipt for making tea from T rail, and for the kind of ax used in preparing lamb chops, and got in a stew, becanse he failed to flnd anything, so tie threw the book one side and roasted the Press. The name of H.W. Newkirk, of Dexter, is prominent among Dexter republicans, as the republican candidato for probate judge over in Washtenaw. The Leader thinks he is eminently fitted for the plaoe, and the Ann Arbor Conrier says he is "worthy and well qualifled, dnly and truly prepared, and deserving. " Yes, and he's aman free born, but he hasn't the pass, and the party hasn't it for him. He oan't get in. He has not the pass. Gov. Rich designates. under hand and seal, May 1, as Arbor day - not Ann Arbor day, but an Arbor day. Way baok in 1860 the normal school had an arboricultural society, and we recall days of hard work on hot snmmer Saturdays, helping plant the trees that now form the beautiful shade of the gronnds. Prof. Foote, Prof. Alayhew, B. D. Safford, Oscar Streight, Edgar Durfee, Austin Gorge, P. A. Latta, Frank Gooding and scores of others. Gaess we will have to go down there and look at onr orchard. The board of directors has decided that no saloon privilege shall be granted on the fair ground at Ann Arbor next season ; and no beer or iiquors can be sold on the grcrands. No premium will be offered for the biggest drunk, and the W. C. T. U. ladies will oontinually watch the sitnation and urge the directors not to budge from their ruling. Already an order has been placed for three car loads of flasks, and the tailors have received instructions to make the inside breast pocket of all aew coats a 1-e-e-t-l-e larger, and directly under the arm hole. The business men are divided as to the policy, and pvomise to be at lager heads, till the fair is over. A rumor is in circulation over in Ann Arbor, that Louis J. Liesemer is about to start á daily paper. He has been at the weekly paper business long enough to know the lay of the land and the looks of the people, and after he has been at it about a year he will share the opinión of a Yankee, ing in Arizona, who asked a dirty Indian ohief, "Whar ye bound fer, old Copper coat?" "Ugh! goin heil," granted the chief. Casting his eye over tbe waste of dry sage brush, and the mothly gatheiing of buoks, squaws, dogs and sorub ponies, the Yankee slowly drawled "Wall, by hokey, Mr. Split Thunder, by ther lay of the land, and looks uv the folks, ye must be mighty near there. "


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