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The following report of the condition of orops in Michigan has been issued by the department of state at Lansing : Wheat in the fall made small growth, bnt the wiuter was not nnfavorable and it suffered very little injnry previous to about March 20. From that date to the end of the month there was no covering of show, and the "f reezing" and "thawing, " usual in Maroh, caused the fields to look brown, and did some considerable damage. Correspondents, however, at the time of making their reports, April 1, were hopeful that warm rains would give the plants a start and show them to be not greatly nor permanently damaged. But the warm rains do not come. Since the first of April the weather has been continuously dry, with cold winds from the north and northwest. Such weather cannot continue much longer without serious consequences. The condition of wheat now is more critioal than at any previous tiiue since sowing. The arnount of wheat reported marketed in March is 606,118 bushels, and in theeight months, August-March. 7,313,236 bushels, which is 1,547,079 bushels less than reported marketed in the same months last year. The average condition of clover meadows and pastures is, in the southern counties, 03 per cent, central, 73, northern, 88, and state, 69. Live stock is in good condition. The average run from 90 to 96 per cent. The outlook for fruit is generally favorable. This belief is based largely on the fact that the steady cold weather has thus far prevented any development of the buds.


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