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Foibles Of The New Woman

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Within the past 40 years woman has demanded of man much that he has gracicmsly granted her. She wanted equality with him, and it has been given her in all things for which she is fltted and which will not lower the high standard of womanhood that he desires for her. This she accepts without relinquishing any of the chivalrous attentions which man always bestows upon her. The new woman tells us that "an onnce of jnstice is of more value to woman than a ton of chivalry. ' ' But when she obtains her "ounce of justice" she apparently still makes rigorous demanda that her "ton of chivalry" be not omitted. Woman asked to work by man's side and on his level, and today she has the chance of so doing. The fields of knowledge and opportnnity have been opened to her, and she still desires that of which her grandmother did not dream, because, like an overindulged child, so long as she is denied one privilege that privilege she desires above all others. She has decided that without the ballot she can do nothing, for, in her vocabulary, ballot is synonymous with power.


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