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May Stevens Discharged

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JMary Stevens, who rnarried Burt Haywood,of Salern.when she had three other living husbauds and had not been legally divorced f rom any of them, was discharged from custody in the Detroit pĆ³lice conrt on Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Stevens was first charged with bigamy but Judge Whelan held that the warrant was detective, inasmnch as it neglected to state the name of the person to -whom she was legally ! inarried, and charged her with committing bigamy by inarrying Haywood at Windsor last January, when the man she was rnaried to before Haywood was still living He also held that to prove bigamy it was necessary to prove the legal marriage and as she had married three men in this state not one of thera was her legal husband. Mrs. Stevens' first husband lives in Albion, N. Y, bnt no proof of the marriage beyond his testimony can be obtained as the minister who married them and the witnesses to the marriage are dead. When the detectives found this ont he returned to Detroit and got out a warrant charging Mrs. Stevens with lasoivious ooDduct, but on motion of Hurst & Greene, her attorneys, the proceedings were quashed on the gronnd that she oould not be charged with lascivious condnct unless some other person was implicated. Burt Haywood, her Salem husband, however, is not satisfied and says that he will get another warrant out charging Mrs. Stevens with receiving rnoney under false pretenses, as under the pretense that she was his wife, Mrs. Stevens indaced Haywood to give her considerable rnoney.


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