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Alpaca And Mohair

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Here is ;: fioi d oï iiiformation about alpaca and nicbair, which will bo wom more (han ever as irepon declines in favor. It is supplical by one who knows all abcvut it. He says : Mohair is the fleece of the Angora ijoat, grown in the oriënt and at the Cape, and is the most lustrous animal fiber known. In its natural state it is white and can consequently be dyed to any color. Alpaca is flie fleece of the animal of that name, also of the goat family (llama is a near relation), and is grown in Sculh America. In its natural state it is black, brown or piebald, with a very small proportion of white. Consequently it can only be dyed a dark color, generally black. Wlienever, therefore, you see a luster dress which is lighter than dark gray you may be sure it is mohair, especially if it has a peculiar sparkle which is something like that of a newly broken piece of lump sugar. Alpaca, being somewhat finer and softer than mohaüi is mostly iised for coat linings, but it is also made into dress goods in its natural gray. It was introduced and intended for linings, but was taken up by a whim of fashion for dresses and had a great run 30 years ago. lts popularity gave the name of alpaca in a rough and ready way to all bright goods, although most of them are made from mohair and many of


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