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Slew Babes And Self

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CHICAGO, April 16.- As a climax to family disagreenients, which had led him to sell and vacate his own home, John W. Lehman, a street car driver, shot and killed hig three little daughters Tuesday evening in his home, 23a West Twentythird street, and after two unsucoessful attempts to hang himself sent a bullet into his own heart. The dead are: John W. Lehman, a Germán, 39 years of age; Anna Lehman, an infant; Bertha Lehman, aged 3 years; Clara Lehman, 5 years oíd. These little ones were Lshman's own. He loved them and brooded over the unfounded fear that soine day they would come to want. Besides his wife thero ■were two ooher children in the household - hers by a former marriaga - Harry, 13 years oíd, and Minnie, aged 11. That Lehman planned to 'die with his own children is shown by tho fact that Harry was sent on an errand by the stepfather, and a nurse girl was also sent away a few minutos beíore the tragedy. When last seen Lehman was fondling his baby girl in his arms. In the Mulst of Moviiig. The household was in the midst of movíng. Lehman had owned the story brick house, in the lower floor of which his family livod. But in January, under the impulse of moving into the country, he sold his home. Aftor paying off a mortgage, which lef t him $2,000 in money, Mrs. Lehman repentod of her agreement to go on a farm. She talked her husband out of the scheme, and, being an easy-going fellow, he consented to stay in Chicago. Acoordingly plans were made to move into a flac at 31 Groll street, four blocks east of the home. Mrs. Lehman spent Tuesday thdre getting the flrst load of furniture arrangod. The husband got off duty at 3 o'clock for two hours, and went home from the car barns to dinner. Everything was confusión with packing, and some of the rooms were already bare. It is supposed the realization of losing his home without achieving his ambition for a farm carne over him with a sting of disappointmeut, which drove him to frenzy.


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