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Replies To "Pope Bob."

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Chicago, April 15.- Steiuway hall was well íllled with church people and partios f rom the universities ïuosday night attracted by the announoonicnt that Rev. John P. D. John, ex-president of De Pauw univorsity, would deliver an addre3S in reply to Robert G. Ingersoll. "Mr. Ingersoll raises his chief objection against God," said Dr. John, "beoause of his proposed dealing with men in the next vforld. He hatea heil, and so do I, but neither of U8 can hatj it out of exi&tence. Heil is already here. The inajority of mankind are already in its fires. But the holl to come is not the onB described by Mr. Ingersoll and long ago reJected by intelligent Christians. There is no heil, here or hereafter, other than that whose flres are kindled by the laws of sowing and reaping. Mr. Ingersoll exalts science, but scionce deolaros that heil will be eternal if sin ba eternal. "All the intelleotual objections against the Bible rnay be put under the one general charge that it is unsoientiflc - that is, it is contrary to f act, unnatural, superstitious, and not adapted to its work. Does the Biblo conflict with any known fact of modern science? If so, that much of it is not inspired. If not, it must have been inspired, for the best astronoinical, geological and biological knowledge oontemporary with the age of the sacrcd writers was a chaotic inass of ignorance."