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A London Ginshop In 1834

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"During this time (rnorning) a woniau alrnost in the state of nudity with a fine infant at her breast, the only dress being its nightshirt, followed by another child abont 8 years old, naked except a nightshirt, and without either shoes or stockings, followed a wretched looking raan into the house. I saw them struggle through the crowd to get to the bar. They all had their gin. The infant had the first share from the woman's glass. They came back to the outside of the door, and there they could scaroely stand. The man and woman appeared to quarrel. The little ohild in her arms cried, and the wretched woman beat it most unmercifully. The other littlo naked child ran across the road. The ■woman called to it to come back. It came back and she beat it. They all ■went into the shop again and had some more gin, apparently to pacify the children." That was between 7 and 8 in the morning on an ordinary Sunday in July, 1834. Later in the day we get the following edifying scène : "Last Snnday morning I had occasion lo walk through the Broadway at a few ! minutes before 11 o'clock. I found the j pavement before every ginshop ed. Jnst as ohurch time approached the ginshops sent forth their multitudes, swearing and fighting and bawling obscenely. Some were stretched on tha pavement insensibly drunk, while every I few steps the footway was taken up by drnnken wretohes being draeged to the


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