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Great Removal Sale

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:::; We sold four Pianos last week to parties who thought Ui;:; ..■0 'Mll of buying sometime, but who found on learning our phe= J:::; . . lÉ$á=é :::Üj nomenally low prices that the time to buy was now. Ui;;: SiiÉé $%a' :::ïï$ Buyers of Pianos, do not fail to take advantage. of the Ui;;; "'PuP?' '.'.Úit exceptional opportunity now offered to buy a Piano or an };:::: :::!! Organ at the lowest figure ever known in Ann Arbor. }::::: UPR.QHT I Buying I i BICYCLES. L M R ARGAINS ! L T % '■- H L We sold 9 Bicycles last week. This shows our "prices appeal ■%T , „ L 0 1 9 tí 0T "# áT to caref ui buyers. Our Dayton Bicycle is unexcellecl by any, no f Stïïf I ftTbÏHo íiffií d Jr lCLllU S matter how famousorbywhommade. The Ben Hur at S85 and # They will be put in perfect condition at our facto V $100 we believe to be the best value for the money ever offered in ry, and will be closed out at $25 down and $10 per L . Ann Arbor. We also sell the Clipper and Wellington Bicycles at . month. We offer these as special bargains, and Y , begn thinkinLr of buying a piano for a long m C S75 aud $65, and we have a few good wheels as low as $50. when we use this term, we mean itm its fullest L If you keep putt?ng it o ou win never get it. 1 C Now is the time to buy, for now is the time you can Here are a few Kemoval Sale Bargains: C Here they are: C save money. If your grocer offered granulated sugar % xPetitBijou Piano, amallsize. foroerprice $25-00 at 3c a pound, when you are paying 6c you would C 1 $85 Ben Hur (used) - ... $5500 C -Rpmoval Sale Price each 85 00 buy a quantity. You know that is cheap, for you buy 1 $100 Kalpü Temple .... $6O 00 y Removal Sale Fnce, each ö it every day. If he offered you Queen Anne soap at # Monarch - - - $65 OO % 1 Allmendinger, black case, good condition, former 3c a cake, you would buy it for the same reason, be upiw jjiuuiui , pw w -ce 250.00 cause you are saving money. If you could buy Royal 1 $85 Gents' Ben Hur, '95 model - - $7O 00 % Removal Sale Price. . . . . 135.00 # Baking Powder for 25c a pound, when you have to pay % 1 Ladies' Ben Hur, '95 model - - $7O 00 L f 50c, you would buy Royal, because you know it is 'V M 1 Boardman & Gray, ebony, former price 265.00 good, and could be bought at the price of the poorest. C 1 $85 Clipper, Gents', '96 model - $75 00 Removal Sale Price 145.00 We want you to realize that we are offering just as big # 1 Erie Piano, ebony, but little used, former price... 275.00 bargains on pianos and musical instruments today as ,# J Removal Sale Price 168.00 granulated sugar would be at 3c a pound. ADr A MC E C 1 Erie Piano, walnut, as good as new, former price 300.00 We are obliged to move, and the store we hope to # IJK vIVllO E % m„VPi caiP prirP 175 00 % secure will have to undergo extensive repairs, which v1vx mA - X Kemoval bale rnce i' will consume two or three months before it is fit for % 1 Guild Piano, sold 2 years ago for 34-o occupancy. We are overstocked with píanos, our pres Those organs we mentioned as slightly shop-worn, are in first Removal Sale Price 170.00 ent warerooms are crowded, and we have about 60 class condition otherwise, and it will pay you to examine them C t Pease Piano in verv fancy case in first-class con rented pianos coming in the middle of June. C and get pricas. Fortyfive to Sixty Dollars will now buy an organ ■y i J-ease nano, in very lancy cisc, , C that formerly sold at from Seventy-üve to Ninety. dition, former price 300.00 Think of this seriously, and come in and see us. L % Removal Sale Price 180.00 A dollar saved is a dollar earned, and you" can save a % __________ . I good many dollars by buying your musical instruments We have sold 3 of the 6 pianos we offered in fancy cases for now. C Those Accordeons at $1.25, 81.45 and $1.80, and those $6.50 spot cash for $189 each. These pianos are such a rare bargain that Mandolins at $3.95 will not last long. There is excellent value in if you miss the opportunity of buying one, it is your own fault. ' . g them, and in some Violins and Banjos we have listed at equally # Some wise buyers have seen the economy of borrowing money to tt AfnOf (.)rÖi'a.n LO. low prices. Now's the time to buy if you ever intend buying. C # buy at these prices. J 11111 " wvi vlö"" vv The Ann Arbor Organ Company. present uSSl si souih Ma.n sireet.


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