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Oesterlin Turned Down

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The new common council held its initial meeting Monday evening with President Hiscock in the chaiñ The members who answered to theirnames at roll cali were: Aid. Maynard.Moore, Koch, Grossman, Laubengayer, Dell, Burke, Shadford, Rhodes, Coon, Soule, Cady, Dauforth. Aid. Brown was absent. Mayor Walker's annual message was read and accepted. The rnayor's veto of the printing of the proceedings of the board of public works in the council proceedings, was notsustained. Aid. Maynard'Sjresolution, instructing the city attorney to give to the council his opinión in the matter of the legality of John R. Miner holding office as a member of the board of public works and acting as a member of the board of supervisors at the same time, was carried. The appointment of Eugene Oesterlin as a member of the board of public works was defeated by a vote of 7 nays and 6 yeas. Aid. Maynard and Mooie spoke against Mr. Oesterlin's appointment, and Aid. Koch and Grossman spoke in favor of it. Aid. Danforth was excused trom voting as he did not kiiow Mr. Oesterlin nor anything about the matter. The board of public works was empowered to finish the crosswalks which had remained unfinished. The resignation of Mr. Ross as a member of the board of public works was accepted. The street railway was ordered to keep 'its tracks in better condition. The sewer committee was ordered to investígate and report on the William and Jefferson streets sewer, which has been asked for by the residents o1 that section, George P. Ottley was allowed 20 for injuries received by his child through falling on a detective sidewalk. The liquor and druggists' bonds were üxed at $3,000 and $2,000 respectively. A committee of three was appointed to formúlate rules for the governauce of the council. Of this committee the president is one. President Hiscock announced the committees for the year as follows: Lighting- Soule, Cady, Danforth. Bonds- Brown, Moore, Grossman. Licenses- Grossman, Coon, Dell. Parks- Burke, Maynard, Shadford. Poor- Ehodes, Danforth, Lauben gayer. Finance- Cady, Coon, Soule. Ordinance- Maynard, Brown, Dan forth. Sewers- Koch, Moore, Dell, Burke Shadford, Soule, Cady. Sidewalks- Coon, Maynard, Koch Laubeugayer, Brown, Rhodes, Dan forth. Fire Department- Shadford, Gross man, Rhodes. Pólice- Dell, Koch. Burke.