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Real Estate Transfers

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The following are the transfers of real estáte from April 13 at noon until April 22: Hughey McLaughlin to Julius E. Beal, Lyndon and Superior, $2,800. John R. Miner, trustee, Elvin E. Blaisdell, Ann Arbor, $800. Christine Gerstner et al to Wm. C. and Frederick Gerstner, Ana Arbor, 2,000. Geneva Chadwick to Jane C. Taylor, 3,116.80. Joseph Gabel and wife to L. Z, Foerster Brewing Co., Augusta, $1. David G. Rose by heirs to Albert W. Spencer, Manchester, $40. Aurelius C. Turpin and wife to Amanda Rogers, Ann Arbor, $1,235. Frederick J. Gerstner and wife to Wm. C. Gerstner, Ann Arbor, 1.400. Charles B. and Clark J. D. Palmer to Edwin Daneer, Lima, 84,000. Henry Coe and wife to Edward J. Burns, York, $625. David Weatherwax by administratrix to Samuel Graham, Ypsilanti, $160. Samuel Graham to Melissa Sprague, Ypsilanti, $150. Michael Sage to Bridget Sage, Lodi, $6,466. Margaret Sage by guardián, Eugene Sage, Theresa M. Hart, Isadore Sage and Michael Sage, to Bridget Sage Lodi, $1. Bridget Sage to Michael Sage, Lodi $5,000. Bridget Sage to Frederick Altenbernd, Freedom, $220. Bridget Sage to Nell Schaible, Lodi $500. Edward McNamara to Thomas X-each, Chelsea, $300. Charles A. Brown and wife by sheriff to Gustave Brehm, Ypsilanti $396.25. George W. Quintard to Ann Arbor Eailroad,Ann Arbor,$l. Three deeds Harmon S. Holmes and wife and JMatilda Vernon to John Schettler and wife, Dexter, $475. Christian Gauss and wife to City of Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor, $500. Eugene J. Helber and wife to Loxaine'M. Thorn, Saline, $200, Michael Sage by administrator to Begin a M. Han es, Lodi, $900. Same to same, Lodi, $1. Wm. Wagner and wife to J. George Seyfried estáte, Ann Arbor, $1. Mary Clements to Worster Blodgett, Dexter, $1,000. Eliza A. Eowe to William F. Waidner, Ypsilanti, $200. Lewis Bouge and wife to Emma A. Tibbits, Ypsilanti, $800 Adam Schaner and wife to Blanche Stevens, Ypsilanti, $250. Blanche Stevens to Adam Schaner, Tpsilanti, $1,200. Eloise P. and L. A, Willard to Lewis X. Bogue and wife, Ypsilanti, $100. Howard Stevenson and wife to Henry E. Scoville, Ypsilanti, $400. Lewis Kohde and wife to Esther Hunter, Ann Arbor, $1,200. Sebastian Seyfried to Christianna Seyfried, Ann Arbor, $200. John George Seyfried by administrator to Sebastian Seyfried, Ann Arbor, $307. Ellen .T. Dow by executors to James Burns, Bridgewater, $1. James Burns and wife to George F. JBoettner, Bridgewater, $800. J. George Kappler and wife to J. George Kappler, jr., Lodi, $600.