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Real Estate Transfers

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The following transfers of real estáte n Wasbtenaw oonnty have been filed n the office of the register of deeds rom April 29 to May - inclusive : Howard F. Niohols and wife to arah A. Cross, Saline, $900. Francés A. English to George T. Euglisb, Sylvan, $2,000. Agnes Golliugs to William E. Colngs, Lyndon, $5. Same to John R. Collings, Lyndon, 1. Charles M. Davis and wife to Francés A. Collings, Sylvan, $4,000. Allen B. Hauson to Ellsworth Teall, Augusta, $1,500. Ashur A. Terry to Wm. Goetz, Ann Arbor, $3,200. Philip Leonard to Sarah E. Leonard, Aun Arbor, $1,850. Lymau D. James and wife toMichael Breuner, Ann Arbor, $4,700. Michael Brenner and wife to Robert Burg, Anu Arbor, $3,200. Lncy A. Young, by sheriff, to Harrion W. Bassett, administartor, Augusta nel York, $1,530.81. Mathaus Zinser and wife, by sheriff, o George Benton, Lima, $1,905.88. Andrew Birk, by executor, to Charles H. Schroen, Ann Arbor, $800 . Bridget Sage to 'Jacob Schaible, Lodi, $2,200. Charles Fnller to Thomas D. Gotts, Augusta, $200. William Patterson to Lotta O. Coombs, Ypsilanti, $3,000. Frankliu Spafard to Albeit D. Erjglisb, Manchester, $75. William fl. Schniring and wife to benjamin Gr. English, Bridgewater, $2,560. Rost Green and wife to James Beasey, Chelsea, $300. Francés A. Euglish to Jobn Jay Wood, Lima, $2,800. Wallace O. Durkee and wife to Robert Brown, Augusta, $1. George Forshee and wife to Wallace O. Durkee, Augusta, $1. Arthur S. Congdon to Sarah E. Cougdon, Chelsea, $1. Sarah E. Congdon to Stephen D. Laird, Sylvan, $500. George F. Ward and wife to Aithur S. Congdon, Sylvan, $250. Maria S. Tabor to George R. Sherwood, Ypsilanti city, $600. John Layer and wife to Julius Teldkamp, Saline, $50. Geo. C. Smith and wife to Felix Duulavey, Dexter, $300.