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A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Cone Sperry, of Pittsfield, last Sunday. This evening the mains of the city waterworks systeia will bo flushed at 7 o'olook. The Christian Endeavor Union of Washtenaw county will meet in Saline next Friday, May 15. Rev. A. H. Dorubirer, of Sandusky, O., will preach next Sunday at Zion Lutheran church. He will speak in G-erman ín the morning and in Euglish in the eveniug. According to the Washtenaw Times an Ypsilanti citizen made the reruark on Wednesday that "It is dollars ro bioycle bnttous that the McKinstry case will never be tried." Among the list of corporations tha have filed artieles of incorporatiou wit the seoretary of state during the pas week appears the name of the Yonn Men's Christian Association of this oit (athletic). Iuvitations are out for the wedding of Samuel Baumgartner, the grocer, to Miss Marguerite Hartgen, of Detroit. The ceremony is to oocur at St. Mary's ehurch, Detroit, Tuesday next at 9 a. ni. The Students' Leotnre Association has voted $120 to the woman's gymnasium fund, $áO to the library fund, and $25 to the Students' Christian Association. In addition to these amounts it is hoped tbat a nice sum will be left in the association treasury. A special train loaded with 106 blooded horses from Sacramento, Cal. went through Ann Arbor on the Michigan Central on Monday. They were being shipped to the great horse sale at Morris Park, New York, next Friday. Twenty-flve men attended the horses. Thales Buck was driving a span of Dr. J. A. Deli's little Shetland ponies in Ypsilanti on Sunday, when the little fellows made a determined but unceremonious attempt to get into F. I. Carpenter's hardware store through the plate glass window. It is needless to say that the window was broken. The Michigan Central Railway Co. paid its spficific tax for 1895 amounting to 228,000 infco the state treasury at Lansing, on Mondgy, although not obliged to pay it until July 1. It oame in just too late to be included in the apportionment of primary school money for May, but will bo in the November apportionment. During Rev. C. M. Cobern's absence at tne general M. iu. conference a Cleveland the following ministers wíj occupy the pulpit of the First M. E church: Sunday,' May 10, Rev. W Lenoir Hood, of Pntnam, Conn. ; Ma 17, Rev. O. J. Perrin, of the Detroi conference; May 24, Rev. Dr. Geoig H. Trever, of Milwaukee, Wis. The Ann Arbor Organ Co. is in re ceipt of a postal card from Mrs. Tar Miyoabi, of Nagoya, Japan, in which she states that she had seèn in an Ann Arbor paper the avertisment of the Organ Co., peaking of the little book let publisbed by the company "How We Teach the Little Ones to Sing, " by Miss Lucy K. Cole, and asking to hav a copy sent to her. Mrs. Miyoshi wa an Ann Arbor yoong lady before he marriage with Taro Miyoshi. Isaac Hendershot and "Pat" Mann ing, two cf the popular conductora on the Ann Arbor Railroad and wel known to many of mir citizens, hav been discharged from the services o: the company becatise of the indemnit; company which insures railroad om ployes against enibezzlement, etc, re fusing to renew their policies Mei Bright, and Herbert E. Bennett of this city, now have charge of the former conductors' trains. Conductoi Murphy now has charge of the train from here to Toledo, which Bennet forroerly had. Albert Buckiin lives in Ann Arbor, and though a wife and several children depend on him for support, and though he has but one leg on which to support himself, he looketh tipon Ann Arbor booze, and partaketh thereof, until he can support nothing. While in a frenzy last week he attempted to fit himself or a cofïin by stabbing himself with a ïnife, but unfortunately failed of sticcess and the doctor nsed a little of Bucklin's Árnica salve, and it looks as ïi ne wouia De savea to aescroy consiaerable more budge at the oity of edncational promineuce. - Adrián Press. The flght over the family ruileage book question which has been waged in the oirouit oourt at Adrián, between Henry C. Smith and the Lake Shore Railroad Co., and which interests the traveling pnblio on all railroads thronghout the state, will be transferred to the supreme coart, a writ of certiorari having been asked for by the company yesterday. In the lower conrt Smith succeeded in procuring a mandamns to corapel the railroad company to sell him a ticket good for hiinself and wife for a term of two years, in aoordance with the law of 1891. The ompany claims that the law cannot pply to special chartered roads like ts own. Some days ago a rifled mail pouch was fonnd in the woods near Charlotte. t contained a large quantity of mail mong which were notes, drafts, money orders, etc, amounting to $3,00. The mail was mostly from Bay City, Saginaw and surrounding points 'or Detroit, dated May 24 and 25, 1895. The letters had all been opened apparntly in search-of cnrrency. Oae draft f $1,300 was in payment of an insnrnce loss. Quite a nnmber of these let;ers have been received here, among hem being one containing a $5 bilí which the postoffice authorities have )een looking for for over a year. The letter and envelope are badly water soaked and dainaged but the bill was 11 right In another was a postal money order, which had been paid a ong time ago by a d aplícate. There will be no social gíven by the Ladies' Aid Society of St. Andrew's church this montb. The next one will be the excellent social that is always given in the month of June, when strawberries and cream are abundant. Charles Woodruff, of Ann Arbor town, was thrown from his buggy Friday night at the córner of E. Washington st. and S. Fourth ave. , through his horse becoming frightened at the noise of the Salvation Arrny drurn and tamborines. No serious damage resulted frota the accident. The location of the six new mail boxes which have reoeutly been placed in position is as follows : Corner William and Main sts., E. Washington st. and 8. Fourtb ave., N. Thayer and Kijgsley sts., S. Thayer and E. Washington sts., Fourteenth and Belser sts., Fourth and W. Jefferson sts. The board of fire commissioners as newly constituted rnet yesterday morning for the first time and elected Moses Seabolt chairman. Mr. Seabolt is the right man in the right place as chairman of that board. He has been oonnected with the fire department of Ann Arbor in one capacity or aaother for over 40 years. The Woman's Auxiliary of the Young Men's Christain Association has issued invitations to a nnmber of our citizens to attend a birthday party to be given at the assooiation rooms next Monday evening. Eaoh invitation was accompanied by a little bag in which those who attend are expected to put enough pennies to make the exact equivalent of the number of years they are old. The proceeds will be added to the building fund of the association. A horse belonging to the Eberbach Hardware Co., and which was attached to their wagon, ran away on N. University ave. Tuesday morning. Coming down on to S. State st., the rig crashed into a horse and delivery wagon which stood in front of the stores and it rmd another horse also started to run. All three were stopped before any damage was done. As one lady said "It was a beautiful runaway and she did enjoy a runaway when it did no damage to any thing." The law requires boards of supervisors every flfth year to meet and organize the second Monday in June for the purpose of making redy for the state board of equalization. This is the year for the early meeting. After organizing the supervisors will determine the aggregate of the real and personal property assessed in the county, and the number of acres assessed; tbey will also elect a representativo for the county to plead their case before the state board of equalization. Michigan investors in the Granite State Provident assiooiation may take soine hope. Receiver Humphrey aud Assistent Attorney General Chase, who have been investigating the affairs of the assüoiation say they met with even better success than was expected, and do not antioipate any particular trouble in the preinises. Receiver Humphrey says that Michigan stockholders corresponding with him will receive much moie piornpt attention if they will mention the number of their oertificates. The new time table of the Ann Arbor road will go into effect Sunday, May 17. At that time two new trains will be put on, one will go north from Toledo passing Ann Arbor at 9 :50 p. m. The train which runs opposite it from the north will pass Ann Arbor at 7 :10 a. m. On the same date the Sunday trains to and from Hamburg Junction will commence running for the summer, leaving Ann Arbor at 9:15 a. m. , returning it will leave Hamburg Tunction at 7: 15 p. m. John Sachs, a printer, and Charlie Burg feit Ann Arbor two weeks or more ago to seek their fortunes in the far vest. Enquiry as to their whereabouts was made in all directions, but nothing was heard of them until a few days ago when Mr. Burg reoeived a dispatoh 'rom a town in Missouri stating that he boys were in the hands of the authorities and asking if they were wanted. Mr. Burg answered the dis)atch by saying that if Charlie wished to return home he would forward mony. He has received no answer so it s reasonable to suppose that Charlie s satisfied.