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The open cars on the street railwa; have made their appearance. The Ann Arbor railroad employees are now uniformed in handsome suits of navy blue cloth and brass buttons. The Hay & Todd Mfg. Co. is strain ing every nerve to get its f actory in this city started on Monday morning. Rev. W. M. Forrest, of Medina, O. has been called to the pastorate of the Churoh of Christ in this city. His dnties begin Jnne 1. The soldiers' relief comrnission, a' its meeting held in the court honse on Monday, decided that any old soldier in need will hereafter have to make monthly application to the comniissioners. The men of the Baptist ohnrch gave their annual supper last uight anc it is said that asa resnlt of their efforts at baking, cooking and waiting on tables a fine supper was served to those who attended. The Light Infantry have accepted an invitation and will attend church together with the members of Welch Post, G. A. R., Snnday, May 24. They will also particípate in the exercises oi Memorial Day. Next Sunday, May 1?, the Ann Arbor road will cotnmence its summer service of Sunday trains to Hamburg Junction. The train will leave here ai 9:15 a. in., returning will leave Hamburg Junction at 7:15 p. m. The arrangements for the two days' encampment of the Light Infantry at Whitmore Lake, are abont complete, and the company expects to spend the "Fonrth" and fifth of Jnly with the Ypsilanti Light Goard in oamp 11. Raymond, the 19 months old son of Mr. and Mrs. John Brown, oï the north side, died .Friday last from the effects of teething. The funeral serivces were held at the house Sunday afternoon and the remains were interred in the Fifth ward oemetery. The annual convention of the can Association of Teachers of Dancing is held in Pittsburgh this year, Jnne 9 to 15. Mr. and Mrs. Ross Grangé'r will as usual attend. They have to go after the new and fashionable goods the same as the merchant. Edward Duffy, the grocer, is offeriug groceries at some decidedly novel prices. For f 1 in cash he offers enough ?roceries to last a small fainily a week, and there is quite a variety of them at that - 13 different articles. Read his advertisement in another column. Mayor Walker bas ofïered the posi;ion of member of tbe board of public works, made vacaut by the enforced retirement of Jobn R. Miner, elected supervisor, to Prof. Levi D. Wines. Considerable pressure is being bronght ;o bear upon him to accept the office. By a general order issued lately to ;he Michiagn National Guard, today s the last day for enlistment of men eligible to camp dnty. It also closes the date for honorable discharges until after the state encampment, which akes place at Island Lake, Aug. 19 to 35. The bids for erecting the new Students' Christian Association building at Ypsilanti, for which purpose Mrs. Mary A. Starkweather donated $10,000, were opened Wednesday. There were four bidders and the contract was let to Carew & Co., of Detroit, for 89,638, the owest bid. Adele, danghter of Mr. and Mrs. George Jedele, of Ann Arbor town, died Sunday of a hemorrhage, aged two years. The funeral services were held ?uesday morning and the remains were nterred in the Germán cemetery on ackson ave. The servioes were oondncted by Rev. John Neumann. On Thvirsday afternoon of last week special meeting of the W. C. T. U. was held to elect superintendents of deartmentsof work fur the ensuing year. Host of the superintendents of laf t year were re-elected and fonr new branches were organized, making in all 16 deartments of work which will be caried on hereafter. Rev. Wm. Collins, pastor of the A. I. E. church, says that the officials f the chnrch are making arrangements br a grand celebration in this city nly 31. The object is to clear the hurch of the indebtednessnnder wbich t is struggling. The citizens of Ann Arbor are reqnested to lend their aid to he worthy nbject. Tuesday evening was the tenth annirersary of the mairiage tof Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Clemeots and Juring their temporary absensce from home on that evening a nnmber of their friendsgathered at their house and gave them a very agreeable surprise on their return. Mr. and Mrs. elementa sbould be supplied with enough tin ware to last them ior some time to come, as eaoh of their unexpected guests took with them some artiole made of tin and left : as a momento of the occasion. The Ann Arbor Chair Oo. , of which J. D. Byan is president, W, H. Richniond vice president and patentee, and W. W. Wadhams secretary and treasnrer, has its first 150 chaira ready for delivery. The new chair is called the Wrentmore swing chair and is a very useful oontrivance. The officers of the High School Athletic Association far the ensning were elected Wednesday and are as follows: President, St9wart Moore; vioe president, Florence Green ; secretary. Wal ter Vaughan; treasurer, Ladd; baseball manager, VictorSwift; mernbers of the board of control, Mr. Holgate and H. R. Brown. The ball teams will elect their own oaptains hereafter. Miss Jennie Glassford met with a painful accident Wednesday evening She was accompanying the remains of he sister Miss Annie M. Glassford, who died Tuesday, to Clinton for interrnent and was riding in a buggy with a yoting man named Palmer. At the corner of S. Fourth ave. and E. William st. , the buggy was in some way struck by a rapidly raovingelectriccar and both its occnpants were thrown out, Miss Glassford getting her ankles sprained and sïiffering other severe brrrises. The young man was also injured somewhat. The buggy -was badly wrecked. Dr. E. D. Btooks, who was called in, says that the young woman is doing as well as could be expected. The Owosso Argus says : "It is reported that B. S. Stratton, the Ann Arbor station agent in Owosso, has been transferred to Ann Arbor, and that H. A. Middangh, at Durand, will take nis place. Mr. Stratton has a host of warm friends in Owosso, who wish him well, and Owosso's loss is Ann Arbor's gain. Mr. Stratton takes tha place of R. S. Greenwood, who has been advanced to the position of commercial agent, with headquarters in Pittsburgh or Cincinnati. " Should such a thing be, it wonld be rather a cnrious thing, as Mr. Stratton has followed Mr. Greenwood right along in the different stations the latter has had on the Ann Arbor road. He followed Mr. Greenwood at Dundee, again at Howell and is now spoken of for this place. On WedDesday afternoon the Cl. of M. baseball team beat the Chioago University team at Chicago by a soore of 6 to 0. In the evening between the hours of 6 :30 and 8 o'clock Main st., opposite the postoffice was black with studente, who anxiously studied the U. of M. Daily bulletins as the row of goose eggs to the oredit of Chiicago were scored up. In the sixth inning ■when the game stood 4 to 0 in favor of the ü. of M. , the question was frequently .asked "Will we whitewash them7" and whu a little af ter 8 o'clock the news was received that such was the case, the enthusiasm of the boys knew no bounds and they yelled and cheered until the streets rang again with the noise. Charles F. Watkin s, the U. of M. 's "south paw" pitcher, who pitched the game carne in for bis fuü share of the honors.